The pain of Maru Botana by the death of his mother: "Facu is waiting for you"


Maru Botana he devoted sincere good-bye words to Susana, his mother, who died after battling a difficult disease.

It was up to you Instagram that the cook wrote the post on the move with a video in honor of her mother.

"I never imagined this painful moment, and when I thought about it, the sadness killed me. You have been and will be my queen all my life, my friend, my companion, my advisor. You made me FREE, STRONG and INDEPENDENT. You loved life, the family, an example of a mother and grandmother. I'll miss you so much, your daily conversations, your opinions, your love mamita !!! ", Maru began.

So he made reference to his mother's health problems:This 2018 played a trick on us and thought we would go out together as always, so united with the same tastes and the same passions. My mother, how much life lived together! It's good to see you every day. "

"My only comfort is the love we give you; the love that we are giving to all together his family, his friends; and the certainty that Facu is waiting for you. Mom, I'll love you all my life and you'll always be with me"he later wrote in reference to his sixth son, who died on September 21, 2008 while she was traveling and in the care of her grandmother suffered sudden death.

Finally, she thanked the Fathers and Sons program for the special dedicated to her family and asked them to pray for Susana: "I just ask everyone who gives me so much love to pray for my mother to go in peace @ my parents thank you for the video so cute"


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