The new story of Overwatch confirms that Soldier 76 is gay



It's no surprise that Overwatch, the online multiplayer game of Blizzardalways made an effort to be a title in favor of diversity. Today, the study reaffirmed its commitment to the community LGBT revealing that the Soldier 76 also part of it.

The soldier's sexual identity was revealed in a new story called Bastet, which was written by Michael Chu, and that talks about a meeting between Anamother of Pharaohand Jack Morrison, better known as Soldado 76, this being his first encounter since the fall of Overwatch.

At some point in the story, Jack talks about a man called Vincent, which he remembers with nostalgia: "Vincent deserved a happier life than I could have given him. We both knew I could not put anything beyond my duty." All I fought for was protecting people like him. That's the sacrifice I've made. "

If you want to read the full story in English, you can do it here.

If this is not enough confirmation of the character's sexual orientation, the writer posted on his Twitter account that Vincent and Jack "identify as gay" and that they had a relationship.

The stories of the Overwatch characters are full of mixed feelings, some of them marked by anger and hatred, but it's great to know that at least one of them knew love.

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