The new Nissan GT-R NISMO 2020 in 27 photos


The evolution of the Nissan GT-R continues and in the hall of New York we watched a new revision of the most radical GT-R, the variant signed by NISMO. That way The Nissan GT-R NISMO 2020 is a new twist on the GT-R R35 concept we already know, focusing all of its improvements on delivering better track performance and being even more efficient. So let's know what it offers and as the new Nissan GT-R NISMO 2020 changes into 27 images.

The Godzilla designed for use in circuit is now lighter and more efficient

NISMO has made no effort to project the new evolution of the GT-R NISMO and has directly used its experience in the GT3 program to improve street support. In this way, the main changes are found in bumpers, hood, spoilers, air intakes and diffusers, elements that have been revised to reduce weight by 10.5 kg, increase aerodynamic load and improve airflow in all set. With all of this, Nissan ensures that the weight reduction of the GT-R NISMO 2020 reaches 30.5 kg in total, which is a very important cut.

Another important point in terms of improvement is the use of a new multi-spoke RAYS wheel set in 20 " and made of forged aluminum. With this design they promise a greater lightness, besides a greater rigidity. In these hoops we find a new Dunlop tire team designed specifically for the NISMO 2020 GT-R, tires that come with the promise of increasing the footprint (asphalt contact point) by no less than 11%, which results in more steering precision, greater grip, and so on.

It is also new Brembo carboceramic brake system with discs of 410mm in the front and 390mm behind, being accompanied by a review of the suspension, the stabilizers, besides the electronics that govern all the systems. Without going too far, Nissan notes that the "R" driving mode has been improved and offers better management of the 6-clutch dual clutch automatic transmission, offering better work on key points such as the output of a curve, but also providing a more comfortable handling for use on the road. The NISMO 2020 GT-R sports seats are new and specifically designed to improve grip.

Regarding the propeller, the 3.8 V6 Twin-Turbo (VR38DETT) receives a minimal configuration that keeps it intact. 600 HP of maximum power, but improved the response by 20% thanks to the use of turbochargers derived from the Nissan GT-R competition. The titanium exhaust system has also been revised, although it does not mean an improvement in sound or increased performance.


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