The new faces of Boca: what Gustavo Alfaro asks? – 05/02/2019


The renovation of Boca goes beyond those seven new faces that posed for the official photo that presented them as reinforcements on the lawn of La Bombonera with Nicolás Burdisso at his side. It's that the face change of the team will be marked by the idea that your new coach intends. And of reinforcements Gustavo Alfaro Boca spoke with Clarin.

"He is a person who has knowledge and who seeks to convince him of the idea that we will develop, some of which we are here, to know him and to see what he intends to be. balanced equipment, compensated, that has strength in the defense to later explore its offensive virtues, that are in the view of all. I think the idea of ​​Gustavo will be seen in the next games, "was the message of Ivan Marcone to Clarin.

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The midfielder, perhaps the reinforcer who further awakens the illusion, also showed that he is not just ordained in the field. Because it's a technical kids club Deportivo Belgrano de Sarandí, where he is the coach of the boys. But with the blue and yellow shirt points directly to what can be seen in the future: "With Alfaro, I learned from the beginning. The back to a player in my position, the balance when we attack, the order in which we lose the ball and the tactics for the group that the team needs. I have a lot to correct and learn, but I know that he wants Boca to arm backwards"

Beside Marcone he touched Campuzano. The Colombian, who will compete for a place in the midfield with Nandez and Almendra, also explained his duties. "The coach wants us to manage the ball with Iván so that our attackers do not have to come back, we can have 2 or 3 flyers, but the intention is the same, in my case, he tries to encourage me to capture rebounds near the rival area; The more advanced the team plays, the less energy we have to invest in achieving the goal. Backwards, on the other hand, he wants us to close the ranks with Marcone and the sides, "he described in detail.

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Marcone is not the only one who knows Alfaro. Lisandro Lopez (29) also came in defense of Boca. And the former Arsenal contributed to understand what can be expected from Boca. "I come to a club that I want to help lead to the top, Boca is always competitive, he has won the last two local leagues and reached the final of America, I know the coach of my time at Arsenal and even though the ideas and ambitions of the teams are different, the defensive concepts are similar, the coach asks us to have short lines between the defenders and the pamphlets. Our goal is to keep the arc at zero basically. Because if we can achieve this because of the quality of Boca's attackers, the goal will come, "said the defender. Clarin.

Lisandro Lopez comes from having little continuity, but his arrival is a joint bet between the DT and Burdisso. They know that the last line of the Mouth is a subject to solve. Like Marcone, the dream of reaching the national team is linked first with great performance in Boca.

The other central defender who appeared was Junior Alonso. The Paraguayan defender played in the back against Newell and San Martin, but was lateral against Godoy Cruz. What do you prefer and what does the technician ask? "I adapt to what the team needs, my position is the central marker and when I rush to the side, my job is to be firm in the mark and not have the projection Buffarini can have, for example. He asked me to play in a simple way and understand when I should move on, because in this sector of the team there is a branded flyer ahead of me, "said Alonso. It is the first time he has Alfaro as coach, but he discovered a characteristic:" He told us that closed games often owe the they. open the defenders with calm ball goals. What defensive aerial play is just as important as the offensive and that we must work to attack the ball with aggressiveness"An Authentic Alfaro.

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Marcos Diaz joined Boca to be the substitute goalkeeper, but with the confidence of being able to fight for his place in the team. He knows that Esteban Andrada is consolidated, but warns that "I will be prepared and mentally prepared when touched." At only 33 years old, he also added that from his time in Huracán, Boca's new coach met for sure. "He is a smart coach who prepares and knows how to read games, is not infallible, like nobody else in football, but always try to see how he can take advantage to hurt the opponent. He knows very well the virtues of his players and then adapts them to match the planning. "Of course, speculating and Boca are two difficult words to live by in a sentence, but Diaz explains:" Alfaro is a coach who can change all matches or repeat the same team. He does this with the same conviction: put the eleven on the field that can give their best to win the game. In a club like Boca do not speculate with the rival because the conditions are imposed, but also in which the coach is attentive. "

The younger faces in that European-style presentation that included a noon with the journalists were those of Kevin Mac Allister (who came to lend) and that of the boy Gastón Avila, 17, who the technician already asked him to join the professional team. "It was simple in the order: he told me that I have to live according to Boca's requirements, that I prepare myself and that You may need me on the right, left or steering wheel. if you need to build a 4-4-2, "said Mac Allister on the coach.


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