The NeoGeo Samurai Showdown collection is announced


Samurai Showdown Atomix

Fans of the series of fights Samurai Showdown They have good reason to be excited. In addition, soon there will be a restart From the series to the consoles of the current generation, they will also be able to relive the best moments and classic battles with a collection that will include six games.

The announcement of the Samurai Showdown Collection NeoGeo was done during a panel in PAX East of the last weekend. But there was no trailer or official images from the collection. What has been confirmed, is that the ports are being worked on by the study Eclipse Digital, who worked in other collections, such as Disney Afternoon Collection and the Collection Mega Legacy Man. So they have experience in this type of doors, from classic games to modern platforms.

The six games that will include the collection are:

-Samurai Shodown

-Samurai Shodown II

-Samurai Shodown III: Blood Blades

-Samurai Shodown IV: The Revenge of Amakusa

-Samurai Shodown V

-Samurai Shodown V Special

In addition, the online mode will be included (although it has not been specified if the six games will have it) and a museum where we can see additional details of each game.

Still has not released date, but is expected to be during the fall. For now, we will have to continue to enjoy the gameplay of restart in Samurai Showdown which was presented at the same event.

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