The most tender video of Mirko and Felipe, the son of Florencia Peña


Florencia Peña and Marley traveled together to the Caribbean to enjoy a few days in pure sunshine and relaxation, facing a full year of projects. In her Instagram account, the actress shared some vacation photos and videos with the driver, but arguably the most captivating part of the trip was the meeting between Felipe and Mirko.

The jury of the Dancing 2019 He showed the exact moment when his son and his friend's baby are face to face. In the beginning, when they'd just gotten into a relationship, their relationship was not the best. However, over time they approached. And apparently now everything flows between them. In the video that Florencia sent to Instagram, you see how The kids give each other a big hug.

"Finally, love was born jajajaja # Felipe & Mirko #Abazo ❤️ ", wrote the actress, excited by the good vibes that prevailed among them. In less than an hour, the publication surpassed 150,000 of reproduction and received hundreds of comments.

Florencia and Marley will have a full year. The driver is doing Minute to win, on the Telefe screen, and is preparing to start a new season of Around the world. The actress, meanwhile, during 2019 will be once again jury of the competition of Showmatch and will lead to a reversal of the musical Cabaret.


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