The most tender company! Fabián Cubero supported Mica Viciconte in the semifinal of "Bailando 2018", along with his dog


(Video: "ShowMatch", El Trece)

In 2016, amid rumors of crisis in his marriage, Fabián Cubero avoided going to the ShowMatch to support Nicole Neumann under any pretext. However, already divorced from the model and formally in pairs with Mica Viciconte, Poroto he did not hesitate to campaign for his girlfriend and will accompany you the first semifinal of the Dancing 2018.

"Welcome Mr. Fabián Cubero, supporting his wife," he said. Marcelo Tinelli by way of presentation, when you see in the studio. And the player immediately noticed that he had gone with his dog. "It's called & # 39; Aloha, it's mine "explained Micah.

Cubero was then instructed to demonstrate the grace of the dog, who he stood on two legs to try to eat a hamburger, stealing the appearance of everyone present.

Then Tinelli asked Julian Serrano because his girlfriend had not gone Malena Narvayand the young man explained that it was to avoid indiscreet questions of Angel of Brito. Then, the driver highlighted the presence of Poroto.

The driver of Los Angeles Morning he did not deprive himself of making an acid comment and said: "I learned from Cubero that he is the same and he does not care about anything …He even campaigned for Mica, who did not do it for the other! ".

Although, a few minutes later, it seems Narvay repented and made his appearance in the studio to support her boyfriend.


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