The morning show: Lagarto Guizzardi spoke after complaints to La Mole Moli


"We know what the Justice said, we had a lot of connections in consulting us about it." "What is our position?" "Absolutely repudiate all acts of violence." "It's Fabio" La Mole "Moli, whatever it is. put in the place of the victim, "began the Guizzardi Lizard in The morning show After yesterday, it was announced the complaint of gender violence presented by the woman of La Mole, who lectured the program.

"Now there is a section that must define Justice, in this section we are, for now, dumb and blind, because we have no information." Justice must provide the data and Fabio will receive the punishments, if found guilty, of what corresponds to him and must comply which corresponds to him, "he continued.

Fábio has been here for over 10 years, I do not know exactly, and I've known him for at least 20 years, in that way he experienced many things unthinkable for a man who comes from the deep interior and with the sociocultural characteristics of Fábio …. We share public life with him, not with his private life.I do not know, we do not know, the intimacy of I think it's what they both know, justice must be involved and it should punish the person according to the existing evidence and what he considers, "he added.

"There is a place where we can not penetrate, which is in private life, we can not tell more than everyone knows." I did not talk to Fabio … We have a clear conviction that we should defend the victim. is what Justice does, where each of the parties will provide their evidence, "he added.

"I do not know the deep inside of his private life. We do not have access to his things, we do not know what was happening, what went through his mind, if there was any problem, we do not know, he will certainly give his explanations, he will be advising that their applications be understood and not manipulated by impulses, things in these delicate and controversial issues should be very clear.We hope so … We were surprised by the news, we were shocked, we were worried.We are worried about the victim first and with the victimizer too, because it needs to be rehabilitated if that is the case.

Advice for La Mole

"In Córdoba there is a pole of complete care of the man, where I advise to be treated and let Fabio deal, in the hypothetical case that he is involved as the complaint says in this fact. and make them understand that these events can no longer occur, "said the show host.

"I was very happy to know that this pole is working very well, that would give me great joy that Fabio will submit to what Justice says minimally for this beginning of the judicial phase, which is an assessment of your personality to see if you have or not the characteristics that the complaint says … I hope all this happens and that all the information is provided to us. Faced with these facts, only the truth is what can cure, heal and make people leave those wells, "he concluded.


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