The missing Frenchman would have been thrown into a ravine


It is the main theory behind the traits marked by dogs.

The body of Mathieu Martin, the backpacker who disappeared in Salta, never appeared. And for the prosecutor of the cause of his murder, for which there are detainees, "he may never be found," since he believes that the body was thrown into a ravine.

After 70 days of unsuccessful tracking, trained dogs were traded to find live people who smell of corpses. Dogs marked cadaverous traces in inaccessible places. They marked it until the end of the hill slope, so there is already an abyss. This may indicate that they have thrown a ravine or possibly that it is buried to a depth of five meters. This is a slab hill area with the geologist who has accompanied us since it was determined that a machine can not be demoted and tested for digging by hand and also is not feasible, which would put lives at risk, "commented the promoter criminal 4 of the Unit of Serious Attacks against the People, Ramiro Ossorio.

The truth is that there are two prisoners for Mathieu's crime, of which almost no one doubts his guilt, despite the fact that the murder has not yet been fully substantiated. Juan and Froilán Cuevas, who lived in the area of ​​Huacaloma, in the department of Iruya, an almost uninhabitable area, are considered "monsters" by those who live nearby. The brothers, who the experts say are "chronic alcoholics" and "highly violent," initially confessed to police that they killed the French tourist, although later, on the advice of a lawyer, they denied everything. In addition, in their home they found a lantern, a knife and trousers that belonged to the backpacker, besides burning vestiges of other belongings. It is confirmed that the victim's body was not cremated.

According to the theory of Justice, Juan was the one who assassinated the European, stabbing it in the neck and then throwing it in a ravine. Froilan, for his part, was an accomplice and took advantage of stealing some things.


Almost 50 days without traces of a French backpacker


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