The message left by Talleres a Palestino after the defeat in Chile: "Let football join the borders" – 02/28/2019


Córdoba's Talleres were eliminated from the Copa Libertadores on Wednesday after losing 2-1 against Palestino in Chile. Despite the defeat and the impossibility of reaching the group stage, the team led by Juan Pablo Vojvoda an unusual gesture in the visitor's locker room.

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"Congratulations, Palestinian. Thank you for the hospitality, "was part of the message left by the Cordovan campus on a blackboard at the Municipal Stadium of La Cisterna.

And he concluded with a reference to the historical conflict that Palestine has with Israel in the Middle East: "Let football join the borders."

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It is that in Chile he resides one of the largest Palestinian communities in the world. And at the same time, the team is followed by Asia, where even the political authorities have sent their support to the trans-Andean club.

For his part, Palestine thanked the gesture of the Workshops and highlighted the order and cleanliness of the Argentine team.


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