The meeting between Andy Kusnetzoff and Pelado López: the conversation that healed everything and a fierce criticism of Daniel Malnatti – 04/21/2019


An interview by Daniel Malnatti with Mario Pergolini undid the struggle of egos and jealousy among the former members of the CQC. Among them were Andy Kusnetzoff and Guillermo Lopez, who for years had maintained a silent war. However, time healed the wounds and, having already re-established the relationship between the two, this Saturday they shared the "We Can Talk" table. There they aired details of their short and they fiercely criticized Malnatti's role in the controversy.

They did not share the program. When Andy left, Pelado arrived with a very similar profile. These similarities were those that the discomfort of Kusnetzoff, who quickly moved to Lopez. Almost four years ago there was a reconciliation. This week, El Pelado asked to be invited to the program. And the driver "We can talk" accepted the suggestion.

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"River's first guy who put the 10 after you, you watch on TV and says" Uh "- he said to Burrito Ortega, another of his program guests. It has to do with competition and with egos. Later, I saw him, who is a canchero, and he also said: "This boy does not greet me well".

El Pelado quickly took the floor to deepen the idea:He was armed like a wheel. He said something on the radio, I would cross into an event and think, "I'm not going to make it a problem, but I'm not going to make room for it either." And then he would say: 'Son of p … does not give me space'. And he rode a ball more with what happens today in social networks; they said "Andy, Peeled is doing something you do."

Then, Lopez again referred to the meeting they had in 2015 and that marked their reconciliation.

"This week, when I talked about it, I wanted to recover gentleman's gesture It was something short: he came and told me "Peeled, that's it". And I said, "Today we will meet," he said.

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About the importance of this conversation, he assured: "I find an example for these times, when there are people who think that speak ill of another person is a career. I come from the school of Badía, that his last speech was about the thrill that gave him a career. I feel humbly, in these 20 damages that I have worked, I have a career. And it is also good to give an example. Today, the example given is to claim his gesture as a gentleman's gesture. "

Andy, however, replied, "I'd rather be frontal, anything less hypocritical, you'll win enemies, not everyone will like what you say." And then he committed his critique against Malnatti, who was the one who reopened the power struggle that existed in the CQC.

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In an interview at TN, the journalist and lawyer asked Pergolini why, of all those aired at CQC, only Andy and he are millionaires. It was the spark that ignited the controversy.

"The Malnatti thing hurt me, I had it as a friend. When he needed me, I was there. It was strange, "said the Telefe singer.

"It caught my attention because I know they are friends, it was on their radio show … What made a noise to me is that today, when people can not survive, it is not appropriate to speak of & # 39; millionaires & # 39; "added El Pelado.

And Andy supported him: "You have to be located in this situation, which is so hard"


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