Wednesday , June 16 2021

The Mar del Plata woman who has conquered cancer and moves with her # 10 years: "I am happy to be able to tell you what can be done"

"I was not encouraged, but … # 10yearschallenge"That's what he wrote on Twitter. Camila Rivadavia, Marplatense, 18 years old, before joining the "10 Year Challenge", a slogan that adds more and more publications in social networks and consists of sharing a photo from a decade ago and simultaneously a current one. The fun is seeing the differences, laughing at yourself. But Camila managed to give a new meaning to the viral game.

Beside his message, he placed three photos. In the images you find the same smile smile but not one 10 years ago without hair, from one ear hangs the strap of a goatee which is collected in the neck, which was downloaded to take your yogurt and take the picture; and the words are too much.

Cami arrived at the Plaza Miter of Mar del Plata next to Diego, her boyfriend, both on bikes. He gave it to her this month for her 18th birthday and from that day every time they can share outlets on two wheels. The meeting with Infobae It is not the exception.

Last week, every time he checked his cell phone, he saw that all social networks had been invaded by # 10yearscgallenge and it was impossible not to think Where was she 10 years ago? The answer took her directly to that part of her life that she wanted to forget for a long time.

"When I started to see everything that happened, I thought of publishing something, but I did not, because the reality is that There was a time when I wanted to erase it all., for fear of being treated as a "victim," because many people who know me do not know this story, "confessed Cami. Infobae.

To the nine years old they diagnosed me acute lymphoblastic leukemia, I had two years of treatment inside the hospital, with chemotherapy one year, I could not thank God for the lightning, so I was with pills Treatment is super invasive because as well as eliminates evil, it also eliminates good, "explained about the days of the first image.

It was a friend who knew her story that encouraged her to cheer up. On Wednesday night, Cami wrote the tweet, sent it and silently put the phone down. Then he went to sleep. The next day, when she got up, as she prepared to go to the local coast, where she works as a waitress, she saw that the message had already 700 retweets. A figure unthinkable for their interactions in the social network.

"I thought only my acquaintances would see this, many people wrote to me How cute & # 39;, & # 39; force & # 39;, The best to challenge Vi & # 39;, You are a warrior, You're a fighter., no message threw me on the floor, "described about the first repercussions, full of samples of support and recognition of his version of viral challenge.

Diego he smiles listening to her speak. They leave two years ago and remember that on the third day they met, Camila had already told about her illness. "To me opened my heart when he told me and that's why every time he needs to talk about it, we do it, "he shared. "Sometimes we rip too"she admitted.

"It is a time when, unfortunately, cancer is being seen much more in children and adults, but now I am living in a family situation where my parents lived at the time but I know that when I leave, others can"said Camila, who fought and won at the age of 9, now that other people should not lower their arms.

"I've seen a lot of comments saying" and I get such bad blood from so many humiliations, "which is also the case, to stop worrying about things that when you think about them are things that happen," he added on other repercussions that # 10yearschallenge He added, "I would like to see everyone having the slightest hope that this specific disease might arise. Glad to say that you can"

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