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The man who carried a dolphin on the motorcycle defended himself: "I did not walk through the city, I took my house and ate"

January 31, 2019

Days ago the nets were moved by the image of a bloody dolphin leaning on the quadricycle of Ruben Vicente, a man of Coronel Dorrego who was fishing for a Franciscan species and was wanted by the image he shared in his social networks and then erased by the strong criticism.

Rubén Vicente He spoke to the LU24 radio about the photo that caused thousands of social media users to rip & # 39; with strong negative comments. The man acknowledged having stared at the situation, although he noted: "It was an accident, it was not purposely"Employees of the Provincial Agency for Sustainable Development (OPDS) visited him after learning of the fact, but No claims have been made against him yet.

Outrageous! They hunt a dolphin and walk bleeding on an ATV near the beach

How was it known the dolphin belonged to the Franciscan species and was caught in Marisol. Vicente said that he ate and threw the remains to the sea, something that many doubt because the animal was too big for a single person to swallow it. When asked about this, the fisherman was outraged by the repercussion of the event and ensured that was "a Franciscan" and "not a dolphin".

"I went fishing at La Boca as always and I took a whiting. After a while I had a great deal of resentment. Thinking he was a bugger, he took me to the river side. It was just me and I was cleaning up. I fought for a while and after 40 minutes I took him near the shore. The fish was not good and I could not get it out and at the last I got entangled in the descent and trapped. He tapped my tail and tried to throw it in the water and stared at the shore again. I tried to drop it and throw it in the water twice, but it took 10 minutes and it was still there, so I got it"Commented the fisherman.

According to Vicente, he did not know the type of animal in question: "It's not like they say a dead dolphin. I did not walk around the city, I took it to my house and that's what happened. It is a fish that does not come to the beach, in my life I had already seen. When I saw the tail, I thought it was a shark. It is a predator and is in extinction, but it was not the intention""The police came to my house, they pressed me"Added the man who claims to be" affected by the event's repercussion. "

"That made me sick. I should have hidden myself and been lying down, but that's it. I ate and the remains were thrown into the sea. I have nothing to hide. It was an accident. There was no one at 7 in the morning when I brought it from the spa"Highlighted the man who continues to reiterate that the animal was the product of his fishing as any other fish he has taken.

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