The Maiztegui Institute does not have the resources to analyze cases of hantavirus


The Mauricio Macri government's health adjustment also targets establishments conducting tests to detect hantavirus, a disease that has had a major outbreak at Epuyn in Chubut but is present throughout the country. In this sense, the complaint was made by Citizenship Counselor in Pergamino, Lisandro Bormioli.

In addition, the mayor warns that the Maiztegui Institute does not have the resources to analyze samples of hantavirus. This triggers when 24 samples to be analyzed at the Institute are suddenly taken, arbitrarily, to the Malbrn Institute. This has raised concern about the rapid emptying, said the councilman, in dialogue with the radio program of Gustavo Sylvestre.

For the first time, our institute, which has international recognition, has an intervener, someone who does not know the institute's historic plan, but was hired through an intervention since assuming the current government and since retiring. the former director. The controller, moreover, comes from outside. This arouses the concern of the scientific community of the institute, remarc.

And detail: Ac is discovered the vaccine for Argentine hemorrhagic fever, whose vector is a mouse, that is why this institute is so important. One hundred and thirty people today are eighty, there is a decrease in staff. And many inputs are value in dollars. With the dollar unleashing and the inflation that occurred, budgets do not arrive in real terms. Moreover, the institute reached 900 thousand dollars of light. The priority that the government gives to public health is minimal.

In that sense, he indicated that the block of the Citizen Unit presented a note requesting a special session. The session was held and a resolution came out defending the institute. We need a concrete response on the resources of the establishment, which depends on the National Health Secretariat, he concluded.


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