The Lottery of Buenos Aires responded to critics of the Church against the initiative of Maria Eugenia Vidal to legalize more games of chance


The province's Lottery president, Matías Lanusse, responded by means of a letter stating that "This government has demonstrated with determination and concrete actions that it is not willing to let the game grow and affect the most vulnerable in our society.. And these are not words, they are facts. "

The text also states that "this legislation and its regulations they will allow us to exert limits to care for and protect our neighbors, reduce the risk of dependency and disease, and establish a legal framework to ensure that activity does not grow. "

He also states that "since we started, we closed 3 casinos and 2 bingo halls, among which we did not allow the Puente La Noria bingo to be put into operation. So much concern generated in you"

And he adds: "This measure is not driven by a tax collection interest. Far from it and to promote this type of game, the collection of the proposed tax is only a means for the end of the control of the activity and protection of the citizen ".

A day earlier, through the communiqué, the Catholic institution had indicated that the online gambling regime "was not able to be discussed by society as it should" and "has consequences" for the most impoverished sectors, where a goal of collecting.

"Any young person on the cell phone can agree with the huge offer presented by the online game, the highly vulnerable population we live in will receive ambiguous and dangerous messages," he said. "How does a boy get into this situation that the state, instead of thinking about his training and his first job, offers him" timba "as a possible solution to his life?" He asked.

For the CEA, the poor who suffer from the economic crisis may think of a "possible magic solution" for their situation. "And he warned: "We know from experience the pain it causes in the family when gambling becomes dangerous". "This means that everyone who is bankroll, even for social assistance, would be a possible player," he added.

The controversy remains open.


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