The live cross between Javier Milei and Marcelo Ramal: "La tenés adentro"


The Economist Javier Milei, which is in St Bernard where he stars in a summer game, had a cross with the leader of the left Marcelo Ramal which ended abruptly when the media shouted: "Branch, you have it in boludo"

The exchange closure was in tune with what was the previous discussion, in which both spoke about each other and they only bothered to scream higher and higher to try to impose their arguments.

Milei was being interviewed by TV Chronicle When He started getting angry after a question that did not look good on him. At that moment, Ramal intervened, which further triggered the fury of the media: "Marcelo Ramal does not know anything either., I know Marcelo, do not come with me … and if you want me to talk to Ramal this is not the context. This is not a debate, Marcelo you do not know these thingsI have designed contracts in 50 countries around the world, so I will not argue with you because you do not know about these problems. To say this is absurd. Make me argue with someone you know. Do not make me argue with someone you do not know"

At the same time, the leader of the left retorted: "You attack the idiot state, why do not you say it pays gas companies $ 7.5 when the gas is worth $ 3.5. If the state subsidizes gas companies, you are crazy. You are a liberal who supports the state when it subsidizes oil companies and banks. You are a critic trick of State. Tand you got nervous because I undressed you, you're a thief"

Immediately Milei replied: "Extent you do not know about these things, I will not argue with you because You do not know about economics because you're a Marxist. If you knew about economics, you would not be a socialist. Why do not they do serious things? Good for left handed fart. Go study economics seriously. Why will not they shit? WhatTo be a good economist you have to go quilombo and throw stones in the congress and those pelotudas that you do in Ramal? Go study economic theory. What you're saying is a stupidity, ignorant. "

At that time, the journalists in the study tried to calm the mood, but Milei ended the interview by attacking the driver and insulted Ramal:You're a rusty man because you set me up to argue with an idiot who knows us. The branch you have in Boludo"


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