Sunday , February 28 2021

the killer quoted her and had a brief dialogue with Valeria before killing her

Mariano Cordi went to meet Valeria Coppa with a .22 caliber weapon. They were a couple for a short time, about four months, and they closed the relationship, but on Tuesday afternoon they agreed to meet in the gardens of Cathedral. where he finished with a shot.

The guy is a fugitive and the judge of guarantees Ricardo Calcagno ordered his arrest at the request of the prosecutor in the fair Betiana Cendón, who is in charge of the investigation of the first femicide of 2019 in Bariloche.

Cordi, 40, has been sought since Wednesday night by several sectors and surroundings of Bariloche.

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Legal sources have reported that Cordi had agreed with Valeria to find Tuesday afternoon, in the gardens of the Cathedral, near the Center for Comprehensive Care for Children and Adolescents (Caina), where the victim worked.

The woman arrived minutes after 15, with the bicycle in the back. Valeria and Cordi They talked in the square, where dozens of tourists They walked and took pictures. The meeting lasted a few minutes and ended abruptly when Valeria fell to the ground., meters from the cathedral.

The women's comrades on the march yesterday, visibly dismayed by the femicide, confirmed that Valeria was murdered after completing her 8-hour work at the teenage house near the Cathedral.

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Cops who were in the neighborhood were the first to help the woman. They thought, at first, that he had had an accident with the bike and that was why he was unconscious. No one imagined that a 22-gauge projectile had struck the woman's head until doctors at the Ramon Carrillo hospital noticed a small wound that caused her death.

The sources said that Cordi wanted to rebuild the relationship with Valeria. But they ensured that this was not the reason for the meeting, which they held in reserve so as not to impede the progress of the investigation. A specialist recovered the land messages that were recorded on the victim's cell phone. In addition, they analyze the recordings of the surveillance system of the municipality, which recorded Cordi in the area of ​​the Cathedral. They also took the victim.

Judicial sources indicated that some cameras recorded the sequence when the suspect left the scene after fatally wounding the victim, and climbed into his red Mazda vehicle, which he had left parked nearby.

But the cameras did not record the moment the guy shot Valeriasources said. Even so, all signs and evidence collected point to him as the alleged perpetrator of feminicide.

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The fact

The researchers were able to determine that after the attack on the woman, Cordi visited, Anguold, to a friend in the neighborhood April 2 and he reportedly revealed that he had attacked his ex-partner.

At this address, the main suspect he tried to hurt himself with the gun in the bathroom. But he gave up. Then Cordi went to the house of another friend in the same industry. There he stayed a few minutes until he decided to accompany his friend, who had to go shopping in the city center. That's why he left his vehicle there.

They left in the friend's vehicle late Tuesday afternoon. But halfway, Cordi asked to get off, in the vicinity of the police station. For that reason, during that night, the police searched for him in the area of ​​the Municipal School of Art La Llave and even in the municipal cemetery.

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