The key to creating broadcast lists and sending bulk messages in WhatsApp


This series of easy steps will help you send text to many people without having to add them to a group, which protects your privacy.

Despite using it every day, the WhatsApp messaging application has many options available that we do not always consider, as some of them are unknown to the general public.

One of the most interesting tools he proposes Whatsapp These are so-called streaming lists, which allow you to send a message to a group of users without the need to add them to a group.

This is an advantage, since this option protects the privacy of the users who receive the content and is generally used to send congratulations or communicate any fact. What you have to keep in mind is that it has a limitation of up to 256 people.

This function proposes Whatsapp, in addition to preventing you from copying and pasting the same text thousands of times into each chat window individually, also avoid having a public group.

To create these lists, you must click on the "Broadcast lists" function, which is in the upper left of the chats section. Clicking on it will show you the first step to create a new list from scratch. Therefore, it is necessary to select the contacts to which the communication should be sent. Computers come in alphabetical order.

After the text is sent, the list will be saved for later use, although there is also the possibility to delete them. The result is that the recipient will receive the message of an individual chat but will not know if it was done through this process. Whatsapp.

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