Wednesday , October 20 2021

The Kardashians have already taken their Christmas card … But where are Kris, Kendall and Kanye?


All or almost all members of the Kardashian Clan They dressed in white to wish us a Merry Christmas! But three of its members were not present. We're talking about matriarch Kris Jenner, Kendall Jenner (recently named the highest paid model in the world) and Kim's husband, rapper Kanye West. Is there drama in the Kardashian clan?

Apparently, there is no kind of enmity, it is more when many fans began to comment on the lack of members on the Instagram, Klhoé Kardashian implemented responded to them "Shut the fuck up and enjoy the card."

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However, the versions of why they are not in the photo are a bit different. Kendall said he found it more delicate than just mothers with their babies participating. So he decided to stay out of it.

However, Kim commented that the hardest was to frame a time when everyone could be together. The day this photo was taken, her husband, Kanye West, was traveling, and apparently Kris and Kendall had to leave quickly to attend a meeting. Being media kings is definitely not an easy task!

After the photo was unveiled, she sent her own version to the media as a joke, where it's clearly added to Photoshop. In the first version she is lying in front of everyone dramatically, and on the second we can see her face enlarged on top of the whole family.

We are sure that this family will give a lot more to speak as always in 2019. For now everyone wishes them Merry Christmas!

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