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The joy of Federico Bal for the less expected news

Saturday, November 24, 2018 12:47

In complete preparation of the magazine that will have him like director of theater, "Newly Together", Federico Bal adds a new achievement in his career: his film "Rumbo al mar" was selected to take part in the "American Cinematheque" festival in Los Angeles, California.

The celebrity expressed all his joy through his Twitter account. "Now I can tell you why it's official! @Rumboalmarfilm was selected to attend the" American Cinematheque "festival in Los Angeles, California along with 4 national films, the possible candidates for the gold balloons are shown!, began to say in the social network of the bird.

"On Sunday, December 2, it's projected in LA and I'll be there to introduce myself to the press and the jury and talk a little about the film.TELL ME JOY"said Fede Bal telling the news that no one expected.

Remember that not only triumphs professionally, but also get along in love as in the last days came to light a video where he is very fiery with a dancer.

The woman who appears in the video, which was broadcast by the journalist Angel of Britois Bianca Iovenitti, is the dancer of the game of Moria Casán, Nito Artaza, Cecilia Milone and Michelangelo Cherutti.

In addition, the young spectacular figure is part of the Combat program, ie is the co-worker of the artist's ex-wife.



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