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The journalists and comedians who missed the opening of the 30th season of "ShowMatch"

With memories and tributes, ShowMatch's 30th season began and Beatles' song "Twist and Shout" barely sounded, Marcelo Tinelli appeared in the studio along with reporters and comedians who have followed him for the past three decades. in VideoMatch, the VideoMatch Show and ShowMatch.

Marcela Feudale, Larry de Clay, Carna, Diego Pérez, José María Listorti, Pablo Granados, Pachu Peña, Diego Pérez, Teto Medina, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, Lionel Campoy (Boby Goma), Toti Ciliberto, the Korol brothers, Rodrigo Vagoneta, Jorge Corona, Campi, Sebastián Almada, Lanchita Bissio and Diego Díaz They were some of the people who accompanied the driver. However, over the years, many people have gone through the cycle, which not everyone could say "present" on the big night of television.

The journalist was one of the original members of the VideoMatch team and left the cycle in 1993 to be part of the 360 everything to see. Currently working at TyC Sports.

The boxing journalist was part of the first three years of VideoMatch. Still related to the world of boxing. He also worked in the cycles of Telefe The infernal wall, 3,2,1 to win! and Marley's ship.

The actress was the first in Rhythm of the Night and between 1994 and 1995 in VideoMatch. He made notes on the street to the people, talking about different news, which were then interrupted by Pablo and Pachu, who played The Models. He currently lives and works in Chile.

Like Miller, he made notes on the street while Pablo and Pachu made their own.

He became known in ShowMatch for his tense jokes, The Worker Quartet and Top Forry, among other sketches. The current member of the Unencrypted danger It was not part of last night's special.

The actor, also known as Alacrán used to participate in El Chiste Show and made characters like the remembered Fernandito. Currently, as many ex ShowMatch, is one of the figures of Danger without coding.

He started out very small by participating in hidden cameras like The Worst Journey of His Life, doing his acrobatics. Along with Yayo, Pichu and Pachu is one of the protagonists of Unencrypted dangerled by Diego Korol.

The actor started working in 1996 VideoMatch playing a protest singer on Andrea Frigerio's hidden camera, Andrea's desk. He also did the sketch of Los Guapos, among others.

The bear Arturo and the dinosaur Bernardo

Executed by Javier Adarvez, neither character of the cycle was on the floor on Monday night.

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