The Italian businessman was cremated by a change of 30 kilos of cocaine | Chronic


One merchant was arrested and prosecuted as one of the perpetrators of the Italian homicide Vitorio Piva (46), whose body was found burned on October 18 in the city of Zárate, in Buenos Aires, which, according to the Federal Justice investigation, was a crime related to drug trafficking.

The indictment fell Héctor Andrés Corro (53), who was arrested at a service station in the city of Los Cardales, Buenos Aires, in a procedure of the Federal Operations Division of the Federal Police's Dangerous Drugs Superintendency (PFA).

The investigation was led by the federal judge of Campagna, Adrián González Charvay, who in recent days dictated the trial with custody for Corro as co-author of a "homicide aggravated for having been committed with treason, with the premeditated contest of two or more persons, and for the use of firearms"

In addition, the judge González Charvay The merchant seized an embargo of eight million pesos. Judicial sources revealed that, according to the investigation of the judge and the PFA, Corro was the person targeted from the beginning of the investigation by the wife of Piva, Mary July Melgar Landivar, a Brazilian who lives in Bolivia.

The woman brought to justice the messages and audios of the WhatsApp that she exchanged with a man she had programmed as "Andrew" and who was the person with whom her husband had planned to meet in Zarate to collect business debt in the previous days. for its disappearance.

In these messages, the woman cried desperately asking these men where her husband was and had done something to him while the suspects admitted to having had a meeting with him, although they said he then retired to see someone else. The case came to federal court in Campana from an anonymous call to the PFA that said that Piva had a relationship with a drug trafficking organization and that he had been killed "for a return of 30 kilos"of cocaine.


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