The intern between Cabito and Diego Ripoll that caused the scandal in "Enough of everything"


The output of About Us | in Enough of everything It was one of the most controversial topics of the week. The comedian publishes about his relationship with Matías Martin and the program owner's response on the radio, made the conflict strong on social networks, between listeners of the cycle and even those who had never heard of it.

It became a kind of crack that generated a lot of aggression for the two protagonists of this story. The followers of the program were enraged in the networks due to the resignation of Cabito.

Near the cycle, they said that two years ago Ripoll had already asked for Cabito to be withdrawn. Enough …; He was fired at the time, but the radio director picked it up. The comedian would have heard about this situation and the relationship was no longer the same, despite having been very close friends.

With the return of Cabito the situation became more difficult: Ripoll did not paddled the jokes for Cabito, and when the announcer drove – by Martin's absence – the actor had no greater participation. The tension was perceptible to the air.

This situation would have motivated that Matías should choose between one of the two. And he preferred Ripoll. That's why Cabito ended up out of the classic FM Metro cycle. And in an unclear way.

The word of Diego Ripoll on the conflict with Cabito (Video: "Pamela in the afternoon", America)


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