The incredible story of Cindy Coleoni, the Argentine who dethroned Maluma in "La Voz México" – 09/12/2018


As Cindy Coleoni Ferrari (26) faced Maluma (24) in La Voz, MexicoAs a teenager, he did the same on the court with a supporter who insulted the players of Talleres de Córdoba, the season's team led by his father, Sergio Coleoni.

Unlike his sister Mara and his mother Mona, Cindy and her brother Bruno inherited their passion for football. In addition to the game, Ior what attracted her most was the courage of the father to live his passion, something that in the family was not customary. His grandfather, Ugo Ferrari, for example, was one of the leading violinists and pianists, but the salary at the end of the month at the Fiat car factory weighed more when it came to setting priorities.

As a young girl, she began attending her father's team training, but over the years it was lessening. The 'father-in-law' shout from his players drove him crazy for Coleoni., letting him catch a glimpse of his daughter's jealousy. But she continued to encourage.

Cindy Coleoni in one of the images she shares daily on Instagram.

Cindy Coleoni in one of the images she shares daily on Instagram.

"The feeling of shouting a goal on the court when he led is one of the most beautiful in my life", says Cindy, with the usual Cordovan accent she did not lose despite living years away from Argentina.

But not all were good, there were also difficult times, such as crossing with a supporter. She realized that the shouts of this person were all against the players of his team and his father, showing an exasperating pessimism, and decided to confront him. He asked if he was a fan or an enemy, and left him speechless, catching the applause of many in the workshops.

"I've always been brave and impulsive. Once momentum comes out, you have to make resistance. If you do not defend it, you are wrong, "he recounts as he recalls the anecdote.

The same phrase could well apply to his crossing with the Colombian singer, who in the first participation of Cindy did not really retracted with his great interpretation of the classic theme Do not speak. Something very different from the other members of the jury, who were surprised by his voice.

"Maluma, do not talk to me" and "Calladito is more beautiful", were the sentences that dedicated to Maluma, also holding an attempt of seduction on the part of the singer. Obviously, its crossing generated a lot of repercussion – local and international – and she quickly positioned herself as one of the program's most prominent participants.

Born in the city of Cordoba, but raised in Villa Carlos Paz, Cindy always knew that music was her thing. The school, although it was doing well, was never its priority. He has always escaped to places where there are rules for what needs to be done.

This was understood by a teacher, who in the last year of high school, in farewell, dedicated an observation that said: "Cindy notes that school is a process that wants to meet to be able to devote to what you really want." . He was not wrong.

The guitar came to life at age 13 and from then on they never separated. "I began gradually to develop the ease of learning," he says and defines his instrument as a "shield" that protected it from the conflicts always present in adolescence

Beauty allowed Cindy to do promotions and productions, but she always wanted to be a singer and actress. (Instagram)

Beauty allowed Cindy to do promotions and productions, but she always wanted to be a singer and actress. (Instagram)

Weather in she was not so comfortable at parties and outings with friends, but with music, books and writing. "I've been feeding things that seemed more interesting to me than the reality that surrounded me. "

"First I want to live a little." This was Cindy's response to anyone who asked her what career she would study at university. She felt she did not have the security to make such an important decision despite the family's insistence.

So it was in this context, and at age 17, along with his family went to visit Mara, her older sister in Chile, where he lived. And be there he had the opportunity to launch to a television channel. "I did not know very well what it was," he confesses.

The trial period was prolonged and he made the decision to stay, no longer with the family business. The effort was finally worth it and was chosen to Decibel 110, a youth band in which a group of university students came together to form a band.

Cindy in "Decibel 110", the fiction that made her famous in Chile.

Cindy in "Decibel 110", the fiction that made her famous in Chile.

His role in fiction deserves a mention. Cindy Valenti, a young woman who after her mother's death from cancer in Argentina and constant quarrels with her older sister, arrives in Chile to find her father, a Chilean who had an affair with his mother in March. del Plata in the summer of 1993. An authentic novel.

At that moment came the definitive emancipation, with demanding work schedules, salary and department fit for it. "In addition to fatigue and stress, I knew one hundred percent that this profession was my thing", he says.

Then came other participations in different programs, also young and related to music, but after five years in Chile she felt she needed a change. The record fell on a holiday in Cordoba when she understood that routine and stability were not for her.

Then he packed his bags and went back into town. He worked as a DJ and added some negative experience in castings in Buenos Aires, while in his head the idea of ​​living in Mexico City returned, a place that always attracted his attention.

But his intention was to arrive with some reason, not as a simple tourist. For aught I know He took a ticket to Playa del Carmen, provoking the anger of his parents. I did not really know what he was going for, but the decision was made: "Deep down I was also a bit scared, but always relying on me."

"When you're a little on the ropes it's when the best of each one comes out", has as a maximum and also answer to the query of why so many trips, changes of course and start over.

When you're a little on the ropes it's when the best of each one comes out

Cindy Coleoni

Handbag and guitar in hand arrived at a hostel, where he lived for a while enjoying the beach. Until the economies began to be scarce and the need to work returned.

The first option, thanks to its beauty, was to send photos to carry out advertising or promotional campaigns, "something that always bothered me"; but only at that moment He had the guts to ask in a bar if he could play live.

Once again another test passed and a fixed date was won every Wednesday. Little by little he met all the musicians of the city and added more presentations in bars and hotels. "That's how I spent two years in Playa del Carmen, playing a lot, many times a day. That was my graduation. "

These two years of music, beach and love, allied to personal knowledge, are central themes of the book Cindy is about to edit. "I will always remember those years as my summum of independence as a woman. I really did what I wanted. It was a beautiful moment, "he says.

Cindy Coleoni in Villa Carlos Paz, the city where she lived during childhood. (Instagram)

Cindy Coleoni in Villa Carlos Paz, the city where she lived during childhood. (Instagram)

Finally came the desire to get to Mexico City with a reason, as it was a new cast, this time for a play. Cindy was wrong, disillusioned after ending a romantic relationship, but all that energy turned her into her interpretation.

"The other guys were passing, they were singing and that's it, and when I played with my guitar, I remember there was applause all over the bar, it was my first big moment in Mexico City, super symbolic," he recalls.

Cindy Coleoni in "Catharsis," the work she starred in in Mexico.

Cindy Coleoni in "Catharsis," the work she starred in in Mexico.

This ensured work in the musical work Catharsis. "It was a step above what he was doing, something very professional, a two-and-a-half-hour show non-stop." There they saw producers of The voice.

She was surprised. WhatThe voice of MexicoArgentine? When they confirmed that he could attend despite being of another nationality, he did not hesitate: He went to another cast and went. What comes next is a slightly more familiar story.

Own project

-After The voice What's coming?

I'm in the process of putting together a band. I've known many musicians since I've been here and I'm almost done. One of my dreams as a girl was to have a band that I identified with and went on tour with. We are in the plans, surely for next year. Looking for where to launch Capaz in Mexico and almost parallel in Argentina, which is a pending issue.

"And what musical style?"

-Fusion, next to blues, rock, electronic live. Influences of the MGMT, especially what they live. We are preparing a show, because the contact with people should not be underestimated. This is the most important moment. Today, a record is fairly simple to record, but where the roosters are actually shown is live. We're working on a performance that strikes the soul, with a few small yoga things as well.


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