The increase in naphtha is already felt in Misiones


As of today the state-owned YPF has increased approximately 1.6% throughout the country.

This happens after the Shell company ushered in the price adjustment, when on Sunday announced the upgrade of the value of gasoline. In this company, the increase was 2.09%. So far, the only company that has not changed prices is Axion, although the increase is imminent.

This increase occurs after January, when there was a fall of up to 3.2% in several cities of the country. In the case of red earth, the reduction was 1.8%. However, the new price update canceled this decline by bringing the values ​​back and leaving them similar to those that were managed before the January low. Even in the case of diesel, the current price is higher than the previous one to the reduction.

Posadas began to feel the escalation of tariffs in the boards of YPF, which this morning changed the numbers and decreed the increase.
Thus, super naphtha in the capital went from US $ 41.59 to US $ 42.09 per liter. While, in the case of Infinia, the liter went from US $ 46.59 to US $ 46.92.
In addition, in diesel, the increase caused it to increase from US $ 38.39 to US $ 38.95 per liter.
The new increase, as reported by the state company, is the latest increase in the value of crude oil at the international level, which was 12%. They also argued that "all products are below competitive prices and are the lowest in the region."

Inside too

The increase in naphtha reached different municipalities in the province, which today updated the current tariff chart.

At Candelária, naphtha surpassed Posadas prices, at US $ 42.09 per liter. In the case of Infinia, it reached US $ 46.92 and diesel, at US $ 38.95.

In the same way in Aristóbulo del Valle, Eldorado and Iguazú the respective prices were also adjusted.

In these communes, super naphtha costs yesterday from R $ 42.49. Infinia reported an increase of $ 47.32, while diesel cost $ 38.95.


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