The images of the accident of Jorge Messi in Rosario |


The news of sinister road between a car driving Jorge Messi and a motorcycle in the south zone of Rosario Woke up the logical attention of the press of the country and the world and this Friday Telenoche (The Three) released footage of what happened.

The report with photos previously unknown of the incident was presented by journalist HernĂ¡n Funes, who pointed out that no criminal case was opened due to the fact.

Lionel Messi's father was driving a BMW M3 vehicle through Regiment 11 and when he arrived in Ayacucho he hit a Honda Tita motorcyclen, led by Rodrigo A., who was wounded and ended up in Heca.

In the photos you can see Jorge Messi surrounded by police, his car and the bike collided. Also the stop signs in Regiment 11, where the BMW was driving at 8:10 pm when the accident occurred.

Although the young motorcyclist disappeared, in principle by the blow to the head, he did not suffer serious injuries nor presented charges against Messi. In addition, the insurance was up to date. Therefore, after the proceedings, Leo's father left the 15th police station and there is no court case.


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