Thursday , October 21 2021

The hot talk between Jimena Barón and Mauro Caiazza


After some romantic disappointments, Jimena Baron found love. Among Dancing 2018, the actress was shot by Mauro Caiazza. The chemistry was immediate and, with Marcelo Tinelli of the celestino, they were not slow in confirming the courtship. "I thank you for being so kind, for sharing your life with me and for all the love you have given me," confessed the dancer.

True to its style, the interpreter of The silly no detail of the intimacy of the couple was maintained. Even on the Showmatch, the participant announced that she looked forward to the end of the competition to focus on the relationship. "The end of the Showmatch, you start to kill everyone and I with the computer to see which beach I'm going to kill myself with my dancer 24/7 when the program ends, "he revealed.

The hot talk between Jimena Barón and her boyfriend.
The hot talk between Jimena Barón and her boyfriend.

Now, Baron redoubled his bet and published in his Instagram the spicy messages she sent her boyfriend in the last hours. While Caiazza was having a party, she was home. The boy sent her a video enjoying the event and she took the opportunity to tease him with spicy statements. "What a foal you are, for Christ's sake! I want to steal your genes and sell them. That would make me a millionaire, "the actress told him.

It did not end there. Baron kept saying warm words to her boyfriend. "I want to leave you at eight! Too bad I ate like a pig and I'm sure when you get there you're snoring and drooling. The same does not fuck me if you want to touch me a tea …", he suggested to Caiazza, before such a proposal, what will be the reaction of the dancer?

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