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The hot present from Mauro Caiazza to Jimena Barón for Christmas


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December 25, 2018

The singer shared in her Instagram account the gift the dancer made. "Giving tips", the runner-up for Dancing 2018 wrote in the publication.

Baron and Caiazza

O Dancing 2018 he made them acquaintances, gesticulating his novel and, in front of the cameras, Mauro Caiazza he asked Jimena Barón if he wanted to be his girlfriend. However, within days after completion ShowMatchThe love story of the actress and her dancer in the dance competition, runner-up, continues to write more chapters.

Active in social networks, where he entertains his millions of followers with their hilarious stories and intimacies of a couple, Jimena He made known the gift that his boyfriend gave him Christmas. "A Santa Claus who just wants to eat sweet bread. Giving tips", wrote the actress and singer next to an image of the ultra sexy lingerie set with leagues included, which she gave him Mauro

hot gift

No wonder the couple's fire is on. Days ago, Baron he also shared the catch of a strident conversation with his partner: "What a foal you are, for God's sake I want to steal your genes and sell them That would make me a millionaire And I also want to leave you at eight when you come". And closed, without filter, as could be seen in his Instagram Stories: "What a pity I ate like a pig and sure enough when you get there you are snoring and drooling. The same does not fuck me, if you want you can play a lola even if I sleep."

Even in the hours before Christmas, The actress and singer took revenge on all the evil that the parties have and faithful to her way, she did it with brutal honesty. Through the stories of InstagramHe said that all gifts his relatives would receive this year are exchanges and that he did not bother to buy any of them.

In addition, he assured that for her tonight "It does not make sense" and this only puts enthusiasm for his son Momo, which was "Very excited about the Christmas"

Jimena Barón toasted by a "Natal Rancia"

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