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The horrible phrase of the middleman of the pass of Emiliano Sala

February 1, 2019

The French sports newspaper L & # 39; Equipe has posted an email from Scotsman Willie McKay expressing the contempt with which the striker was treated during the deal with Cardiff City.

Emiliano Sala He left with his dream to Cardiff, but his illusions ended long before he could make his debut in Premier League. The plane that was transported when it flew over the English Channel and its trail is a real mystery since the last day of January 23.

A brief survey, prayer chains, support messages from around the world and a worldwide collection to take up the subject in particular were some of the chapters of a drama that already adds nine days of uncertainty. In the middle of this scenario, the comment that no one would expect was written Willie McKay, a Scottish businessman who participated as an intermediary of the football player's pass and expresses his contempt for human life.

"Emiliano, my name is Willie McKay. We are not interested in your personal belongings, finances, vacations, nannies, it is not our problem", The email that viralized the French sports newspaper begins L & # 39; Team which was written two days after the disappearance of the plane.

"Let's introduce you to how we operate and how we get into this saga of Cardiff City. We work for clubs in France and for players who want to be transferred to England. (…) About you, We talked to every club including Manchester, Chelsea, Liverpool. We think you can end up in the clubs.", To be continued.

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The letter he wrote McKay also talks about how this business group Nantes put it in Cardiff City and emphasizes that the personal relationship that the company maintains with its players keeps the distance so that affective situations do not mix with the work.

"We approach Nantes, as we do with many players in other clubs, to get the sales mandate. We're not stopping you from working with another agent, but most players are very pleased with our mediation. We do not say "we are like a father to our players". No, if you were not a soccer player, these people would not be interested in you.", He details and then ends:"In the end, they are only interested in money. Which, of course, we all want. That's why we like to work only with clubs. There is no feeling, we are just doing business"

Finally, he details a crude comment made to the player to convince him of the signature. "It has been said that Cardiff does not interest you. But that is probably our mistake, because we filter in the media that other clubs like West Ham and Everton want you to just spur interest in you. This is how we work and this can be misinterpreted by the player. But without this & # 39; buzz & # 39; nobody would know you. Because, honestly, no one follows the French competition"It ends.

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