The horrible phobia that Dalma Maradona had to overcome for his future son


Since she announced that she will be the mother of a girl, her first daughter with husband Andrés Caldarelli, Dalma Maradona He was encouraged to reveal several of his fears. Months ago, she confessed to having panic at delivery. Hours ago, he published a long text in his Instagram account telling his more than 500,000 followers that for the first time he went to get blood alone because he has a lot of apprehension of needles.

Next to a photo of her in the car, showing her arms with pieces of gauze, Dalma Maradona She began to relate: "So she said through an extensive release she made on Instagram:" I'm not talking much about pregnancy, because that's what all Instagram experts and opticians are all about! But I want to tell you that today I had to do the study to find out if I have gestational diabetes, completely routine! Mothers know what I'm talking about. And I remembered that I was always very scared to take blood and give me vaccines, not to mention! You can ask @claudiavillafaneok what I used to do when I was a girl when it was my turn to give me the vaccine and run to the street. Or not so little girl, came to cry to get blood and obviously always with her accompanying me even if I was not so small! "

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"Today the study consisted of drinking blood (for my taste many tubes), drinking a sweet liquid (very, very, very sweet). Wait sitting for 2 hours and get blood again (less tubes than before but another at the end) I was alone because I did the canchera and wanted to die after boredom and fear! The point is that a baby, in the box attached to mine, hit a spectacular howl while drawing blood and I swear I understood … I WANTED TO DO THE SAME! ", Followed the daughter of El Diez.

"But I think that going alone did not give me time to fuck with anyone, and there I was, taking ONE THOUSAND LITERS (exaggerated number 1) and realized that it was not so serious, and that everyone does VERY VERY WELL HIS WORK! I believe I am going to be a mother and I realize that sometimes some things are not optional, like when I wanted to make a noise, not anymore! ", He continued.

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"We're waiting for you, beautiful Pipita … I BELIEVE A THOUSAND, BUT STILL DO NOT TOUCH THEME BIRTHDAY … Thanks! Everything as an excuse to tell them not to be afraid of anything!" (I'm parked, do not start breaking it eh, that already leaving the language he rotted everything), "clarified Dalma Maradonbefore criticism began.



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