The great honor of Queen Elizabeth II for Kate Middleton, who left in evidence her distance with Meghan Markle


To celebrate Eighth Wedding Anniversary of Prince Wiliam and Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth II decided give one of the maximum gifts for the Duchess of CambridgeOfficially becoming one of his "favorites" of royalty.

There is no doubt that Middleton's work in the British royal family is to the liking of the exacting queen of England.

The 93-year-old monarch granted Middleton the Lady Great Cross of the Royal Victorian Order, the highest honor a woman can receive in England and which can only be bestowed personally by the Queen to thank someone for her service to the crown.

Only a select group of women managed to access the ordinance, created by Queen Victoria in 1886.

This title is so exclusive that since Isabel was crowned in 1952, very few women of the royal family can be proud of having received this ordinance: Camilla Parker, Duchess of Cornwall and wife of Prince Charles, the Princess Anne, the only daughter of Isabel II and Duchess sofia from WessexEdward's wife, from England, were the people who had access to the title.

At the gala dinner of the royal family, the mother of three children wears the traditional band, which is made in blue with red and white sides, as well as the Family Order banner, which was awarded in 2017.

The local press has quickly noted that this award Middleton received is of a greater degree than that received by Harry, who is the Knight Commander., a degree below the Lady of the Grand Cross that her sister-in-law now possesses. All this because Kate Middleton will one day be queen of England whileHarry will play a more secondary role in the crown.

What caught the attention was the moment chosen by the queen to make the announcement. This distinction of a few days – or hours – of the former actress becoming a mother for the first time was taken as a way for the Queen of England to make a difference between the wives of her grandchildren.

Today everyone talks about the baby on the way to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The royal couple said they decided not to disclose the date of the birth of their first child, as well as not posing for the press with the child hours after delivery.


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