The governor of Río Negro Alberto Weretilneck confirmed that he will make the reelection


Before more than 2,000 militants and sympathizers of his party, Juntos Somos Río Negro, the governor Alberto Weretilneck confirmed his candidacy for reelection as head of the government of Río Negro, accompanied in the formula by the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport, Arabela Carreras.

The governor of Río Negro confirmed his candidacy leading the presentation of the list of candidates to provincial legislators. The list of candidates for a seat in the Legislative is composed of many new faces for Parliament. Only a few current legislators will move to a new period.

"Our list is a clear message of renewal before the society of the Rio Negro"explained the president. On the payroll, come current legislators, mayors, leaders of intermediate forces, health professionals, teachers and counselors.

"I am convinced that the Rio Negro will want to take care of what it has, than we have achieved together," he said during his speech, supported by his new teammate, Arabela Carreras, and current Deputy Governor Pedro Pesatti, who will lead the list of candidates. Legislators by Representation of the Population.

Second place in the list is occupied by the radical Soraya Yauhar, followed by Facundo López, Norma Torres, Elbi Cides, Carlos Jhonston, Silvia Morales, Alejandro Palmieri, Graciela Vivanco and Lucas Pica, in the first places.

The lists of Andean Circuit and Lower Valley will be directed by Juan Pablo Muena and Marcelo Szczygol, respectively, strongly linked to amateur sports and community work.

O Valley of the High West will be represented primarily by Sebastián Caldiero (Secretary of Energy); O Upper Valley Center by Gerardo Blanes (Rector of the Patagonic Institute of the Arts Institute); O Upper East Valley, by Marcela Ávila, professional in economics.

Meanwhile, Middle Vale will be represented by the Minister of Education, Mónica Silva; Zona Atlântica by the current legislator Adrián Casadei, and Línea Sur by the director of the engineer hospital Jacobacci, Elena Herrero.

The candidacy of Weretilneck will have to overcome some judicial traps because the first challenge has already appeared, which was presented on Monday by a former member of its cabinet and member of the leadership of "Together" Matías Rulli, who warned about the "institutional seriousness" that would imply a third term.

The opposition states that the provincial constitution prevents the possibility of a third term as governor, while Weretilneck defends the presumed legality of his candidacy, noting that in his first term as head of the Executive Branch he had not been elected by the Rionegrins, but that he had to assume to be vice after the homicide in January 2012 the then president Carlos Soria, who was murdered a few days after taking over.

Regarding legal and legal objections to his candidacy, Weretilneck argued that Article 175 of the provincial constitution can not be applied to a case such as his. "This black river does not want to be changed or put at risk," he said.

In a newspaper interview Rio Preto, said: "We are convinced that the article does not involve us. It does not forbid us because neither of the two conditions that the article raises: twice elected governor or twice elected vice governor, which is not my case, and the other prohibition is that the two people habitually change between one position and another. another charge ".


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