The gesture of Marcelo Gallardo for the fans of River after the hard blow before Patronato: his explanation in press conference


The gesture of Marcelo Gallardo after the fall before the board of directors

River fell to Patronato and added its third defeat to the segment in local condition. a Adverse streak that I did not suffer more than a decade. At the end of the match, and as he heads for the locker room, Marcelo Gallardo He received the usual ovation and responded with gestures that provoked all sorts of interpretations.

The "Muñeco" himself, in a press conference, He explained that his gestures were being handled and denied that they were for the idea in the leadership of wanting move the stadium Monumental

"I have no opinion because I did not think about it (in the transfer of the stadium). The gesture I made for people Thank you for being here, to follow despite the moment. Your happiness is the support we have to travel to these poor results, "said the coach.

The explanation of the "Doll" at the conference

Other notable phrases of Marcelo Gallardo:

* "I had the need of who played all the games to rest and prepare in the best way for the next matches. I was at risk for some injury. Now let's hope they can be in better shape for what's to come. "

* "We should be aware that we can not afford to lose three consecutive games and if we lose, at least we know we're going to have to try hard to get out quickly and not come back. "

* "The mental is a very important role, but we have confidence in ourselves. We have a good team and, although they are important players, those who come will be united. "

* "It's all work, not magic. It is not done from one moment to another. There has been previous work to have 33 unbeaten games and win the Cup. Today we have to lose and we must remain calm, people follow because they understand the moment. "


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