The future of the River after the World Cup of Clubs: possible casualties and reinforcements, and a loaded agenda


Source: Reuters – Credit: Andrew Boyers

These are times of mixed feelings within the


. There is no head or heart that can forget or leave aside the great joy achieved 10 days ago in Madrid: the conquest of

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against Boca, the most important triumph in the club's history. But at the same time, there is no head or heart that does not feel pity, discomfort or anger at the opportunity that passed quickly, almost without anyone noticing what was missing.

The defeat in front of

Al Ain

United Arab Emirates, on penalties, in the semifinals of the World Cup

Club World

, hurts and has extenuating effects – recent and recent – that partially alleviate the pain. And, especially, it opens the door of the future: already without possibilities of being champion, remains to play next Saturday the third place against the Kashima Antlers, of Japan, or

Real Madrid

[se medirán este miércoles, desde las 13.30] for the holidays to begin, which will bring renewal and new challenges.

"Unfortunately we were not able to reach the goal, the big question was how we focused, we lacked that determination to play a match against an opponent who seemed inferior. It was very strong what was achieved, we were all in a happy situation and we had to try to differentiate ourselves and come in. It was a dangerous match and in good times we did not know how to define it, "he said. the coach Marcelo Gallardo.

Source: Reuters – Credit: Andrew Boyers

"We did not defend ourselves well, we had inattention and bad decisions, and when that happens, it's a general responsibility, it has a lot to do with what we were living in. It was one of the internal struggles, but well, that's it, it's already happened. play for the best, it was even difficult for one too, it's all learning, defeat leaves its teachings, right? For me, for the players, for our whole environment, the celebration has to be followed. historic … Is it tainted by this defeat? No. Everyone's wish was to be able to reach the final of the Club World Cup, now we have to continue, "added the coach.

"Now we have to continue." Gallardo's final message is clear. Nothing ends up in the Arab lands. The fall hits, but it is not final. Time will pass, the public will meet again with the champions of America on return to Buenos Aires – leaders make agreements with the city's security agencies to open the Monumental on Sunday 23rd – employees and employees will spend the holidays as a family and reassembly times for River will begin. It will not be an absolute or massive reconstruction, of course. Specific touches will arrive, but incisive. And that can be decisive for what will come.

Source: Reuters – Credit: Suhaib Salem

There will be losses in the millionaire team that will force the technical team to enter the transfer market. Gonzalo Pity Martinez, who will play his last game on the river next Saturday and will emigrate to Atlanta United, Major League Soccer, who will pay the 15 million euros that indicates the clause of recession . At the same time, Núñez is closely following the future steps of Exequiel Palacios, another of the outstanding figures: Real Madrid has been in the spotlight for some time, although now there is no concrete offer.

Other names that could come out? Defender Gonzalo Montiel, one of the most important young promises, and Colombian Juan Fernando Quintero, who is speculated to have a juicy offer of Chinese football. The signs are not alarmist, in the last hours the player himself has confirmed that he wants to stay in the club.

Source: AP – Credit: Kamran Jebreili

With the year of football unfinished, there are still no negotiations started for the next summer market. But in Rio already began to circulate well-known names of the house, who would have the desire to return: Matías Kranevitter, Sebastián Driussi and Manuel Lanzini are some of them. With the first two in Zenit, Russia and the third in West Ham, England, an immediate return seems more fantasy than reality.

"We do not know anything about possible rounds, the desire and the open doors for these players are, I know that Kranevitter would like to return, but they make a very important money in Europe," said President Rodolfo D 'Onofrio, making a handful of days In addition to the surnames, the team seems to need at least one central defender, two flyers – an interior and a creative – and an attacker to boost the replacement of a team that sometimes suffered those holes.

Three years ago, in Japan, the fall in the final against a superb Barcelona was the last episode of a chapter. River, along with Gallardo as strategist, reinvented himself, a value that the coach has brought on several occasions. Like when after falling with Boca, at Monumental in December 2016, he left a sentence in his state of whatsapp that synthesizes his philosophy: "Let the news do not cover the story !!!".

The agenda for 2019

River will be reunited on Jan. 4 – to be confirmed on the return of the United Arab Emirates – to start the pre-season that will have its strongest stretch at the Solanas complex in Punta del Este. The schedule will be more than demanding, with four outstanding games for the Superliga and the Copa Libertadores in the first half.

The schedule of games at Monumental will begin on Sunday, January 19, before Defense and Justice (postponed from date 8); Wednesday 23, will receive Union (from the 12th) and Sunday 26 before the board (16th date). Three games in a week, a start of the year that promises to be intense and with the challenge of returning to be competitive, from 2018, which lacked just the finishing touch.


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