The fury of Cinthia Fernandez with a neighbor: "I threw eggs, I can not go to the park of my house"


In The Angels of the Morning they were dealing with the denunciation issue made by a neighbor to Franco Brievathe son of Dady, for irritating noises, when Cinthia Fernández he left everyone speechless with a confession.

"Let's agree there are heavy neighbors, we all have them," analyzed Connie Ansaldi "Do you want me to talk about mine?"coincided Angel of Brito.

"The other day I threw eggs at my neighbor"surprised Cinthia. "Huevazos ?! What did he do to you?", the driver wanted to know. "There's been a rotten pool for over three months, full of insects and frogs", the little angel described.

"If you throw eggs, worse …", De Brito warned him. "There may be dengue and I can not go to the park in my own house, they have already received complaints and a fine has been collected" she concluded worriedly, Cinthia.


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