The funny anecdote of Burrito Ortega about a fixed game


"Those who did well below" was the slogan proposed by the program We can talk for your guests and under this trigger Ariel "the Burrito" Ortega told a funny anecdote of his beginning in footballmany years before consecrating itself like idol of the Club Athletic River Plate.

"Is it true that in your first game in Jujuy you scored and they all complained?", the pilot of the program Andy Kusnetzoff asked the former player of the Argentine team.

"In a final that played the city classic, I was the youngest, I was 15, the game was arranged for a draw, but I did not know, if they tied they sorted the two. say "it's done." I went in and got the goal, I hoped everyone would come to hug me and nobody would greet me, so they hugged me in the locker room because everyone would be trapped ", counted among Ortega's laughter.

In another of his funny stories, Jujeño referred to the first salary he earned as a professional football player for the River: "In 91, River was a champion and charged at the end of the championship, I played four matches and it was a double prize. Hernan Diaz, Leo Astrada, Zapata, Comizzo, Higuain Sr., I had to travel to Ledesma in a collective for 24 hours and I did not have a weight, this prize was quite silver, I remembered that I had the money in a small bag and I had to go to the Retreat. I thought that if I fell asleep everything could happen to me, so I grabbed and put the salary there"he remembered pointing at his crotch.

"I traveled 24 hours with the money there, did not go to the bathroom or anything," said the former soccer player.

One of the milestones of his career was to have been chosen by Alfio Basile to participate in the World Cup in 1994. This generated a resounding change in his early career that solved some problems: "When you start a little, you get dizzy. When I came back from the World Cup, I was 19, I got a little dizzy, but I had colleagues who challenged me and guided me and I went immediately. He came from Jujuy, had no weight at age 19 and was at a World Cup; I came here and everyone knew me.. I was going to eat, they gave me everything for free. Half of it made me dizzy. Luckily I managed to do a very good race. If you are not well in the head, it is difficult to manage success. Many ended badly ", recognized the old Rio, Valencia, Sampdoria, Parma and Newell, among others.

In addition to Ortega, actress Soledad Silveyra, model Rocío Guirao Díaz, journalist Débora Plager, comedian Fredy Villarreal and former CQC, the skinny Guillermo López, participated in the program.


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