The function you did not know existed and you will not stop using to make groups


The most popular messaging application, WhatsApp, has a function for groups that were always available and few know.


Whatsapp It does not to send updates to enhance the users experience in the most popular messaging system, however, there are functions that have been available for a long time and few know.

One of the very useful features of the application and not many know is the possibility of creating a group where only administrators speak, something very useful for making communications, without the need to generate a chat.

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For this, the first thing to do is to create a group. To do this, go to the option "New group". Then you're adding the contacts you want them to be part of.

Select continue and set the group's name and the icon that will serve to identify you.

Now it's time to set it up so that only the administrators of the Whatsapp you can talk? To do this, you must enter the details of the group at the top, where the description is changed.

Select "Group Settings", then "Send Messages" and choose "Administrators Only".

After confirm only those who have been appointed group administrators will be able to send messages, although everyone can read them.

If you want to add or delete some administrator, this must be done from the "Assign Group Administrators" option, located in the "Group Configuration" section.


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