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The fun moment in which Marcelo Bielsa can not pronounce the name of a rival and is "defeated"

Marcelo Bielsa He was the man of the weekend. The unprecedented decision to ask your team to let yourself become a goal at the meeting opposite Aston Villa revolutionized world football and once again put the debate on moral standards and the values which should be implemented in the sport and in the life.

While the gesture of Fair Play He also woke up a memes wave in social networks, in reference to lovers of the doctrine of Doctor Bilardo and Diego Simeone, his position was widely supported by his followers.

However, another curiosity left by the Crazy, and what went unnoticed in his press conference after the draw, was when He tried to pronounce the name of a rival team.

When the translator asked him about a possible return of a player to the starting team, the coach replied that in theory he would be available for the commitment against the player. City of Ipswich, but the Rosary explained its complications when it comes to mentioning the rival.

"I consider myself defeated "he concluded Bielsa with an occurrence that generated laughter among all those present.

Like him Leeds United is in third place in the ranking Championship your destination will be that of the Playoffs in search of the increase to Premier League However, before facing the tournament matches Reduced, in which by now they will also play West Bromwich, Aston Villa and Derby County, those of Crazy complete the regular stage, where they will be measured with the City of Ipswich, an opponent who is the last in the standings but who has already generated the first problem for the former coach of the Selection.

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