The food already reaches 15% | Chronic


Because? Francisco Martirena Auber

Without revealing the reasons and in a context of economic recession, several food entrepreneurs have informed networks of hypermarkets, provincial supermarkets, warehouses and wholesale centers that food will rise to 15% in the next few hours, with flour again ahead, which will push the inflation level in January.

Detailed supermarket and wholesale supplies Chronic and an exclusive business of BAE that the company Molinos Cañuelas will increase 15% of flour and breadcrumbs; Coca Cola will increase its various soft drinks by up to 14%; Monopoly of Unilever (cleaning and personal hygiene items), 10%; Papelera del Plata (diapers and toilet paper, napkins and kitchen paper), 7%; Peñaflor Wines 5%; and pasta of different brands, also 5 percent.

Of the channels consulted, they pointed out that the lists do not contain a justification for the price increases. The main hypothesis is that increases for entrepreneurs were "pending" last year, which is called "repressed inflation", in some cases by the movement of the dollar and the value of inputs such as plastic.

In supermarkets, the situation is terminal becausethey kill you with the raises in spite of the recession. " The reformulation of sensitive products such as flour, pasta and diapers, as well as personal hygiene products, is a "blow" to official expectations that expect a fall in inflation and, consequently, final consumer prices.


In parallel, freight costs for trucks increased by 2.38% in December and 62% in 2018, more than twelve points above overall inflation. "It was the year with the greatest cost variation since 2002 ", according to the study carried out by the Argentine Federation of Business Entities of Autotransporte de Loads (Fadeeac). The uptrend accelerated in the second half, up 40%.


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