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Incidents in the Monumental


In the same Lopez did not mention problems in the eye. This is the first diagnosis that the Xeneize professional gave to the South American Confederation after the incidents with the campus micro.

The micro that carried Boca to the Monumental had already suffered aggression by a group of fans and, with four broken glass of the vehicle, the tear gas that the Police launched to disperse had reached the delegation. In the dressing room, the medical team of the Xeneize evaluated one by one the players to make a diagnosis and give it to the professionals of the Conmebol, headed by Osvaldo Pangrazio and Francisco Mateu, who were to transmit the news to the authorities of the South American Confederation, to make a decision regarding the rematch of the Superfinal of the Copa Libertadores. River waited in the other dressing room.

The first review to Pablo Perez indicates "irritation of mucosa by inhalation of irritating gas and cutting wound in the right forearm". It does not refer, in principle, to the lesion in the left eye.

Cristian Pavón, Gino Peruzzi, Carlos Tevez, Lisandro Magallán, Esteban Andrada, Lucas Olaza and Sebastián Villa suffered irritation of mucosa, headache and dyspnea. Agustín Almendra's picture was, as pointed out by the doctor, more serious: the inhalation of the irritating gas generated bronchospasms. And they had to apply the bronchodilator. To Fernando Gago, the inhalation of gas caused an "allergic reaction" to him.

Goalkeeper Javier Bustillo had a sharp cut in his right knee, while Leonardo Jara suffered a "sharp cut in the heel by glass."

The party notes that the juvenile Gonzalo Lamardo, who accompanied Pablo Perez to the Otamendi sanatorium, received a shrapnel wound in the right eye. The doctor reports that in his eye he found a "foreign body".

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