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The fight in PJ: Urtubey goes to Cordova after the coast of Buenos Aires – 01/19/2019

As the year began, Juan Manuel Urtubey He confirmed that he would run for president and put into practice an agenda that would help him position himself politically away from his hometown of Salta. Taking advantage of the summer began with the most populated spas and, after a visit to the coast of Buenos Aires, this weekend he settled in Córdoba to participate in the festival Jesús María and visit other places.

Outside of his province, the governor is known mainly for the image that comes from the television: of suit and tie, giving opinions on political programs. For this reason, the pre-campaign focused on being close to people. "Listen and Listen"It's the slogan and so that tourist places – where vacationers from all over the country come together – are a practical and direct way.

After a mandatory visit with his partner and partner in the Alternative Argentina, Juan Schiaretti, the president visited Dean Funes, Jesús María and Colonia Caroya, together with the mayors of those localities, and visited Roxana Rodríguez, a woman who after the death of her son opened a dining room in his house. Today he will attend the festival of Jesus Maria, where he must enter the dance floor with Peruvian creators on horseback and share a moment with the singer, ex-Nochero, Jorge Rojas, who will also see the theater.

"Despite the crisis, I see there is enthusiasm, that people have not lowered their hands and really crave break free from this crack. My challenge today is to offer the Argentines the alternative that we are uniting, "explains Urtubey to Clarín and stresses that the main concern is the economy." Jobs, loss of purchasing power, inflation In one country the currency represents confidence and lack of confidence is one of the main problems of Argentina that needs a deep transformation, "he says.

Inside the space, Urtubey will have to face in prisoners with Sergio Massa, whom he will receive this week for a joint photo in Salta.

– Have you set standards for fair competition?

– The rule is common sense, we know that together we can win and that the election will be the first computer in space.

– Are you worried that Massa does not respond with a resounding "no" when asked about the possibility of approaching Cristina Kirchner?

I do not care, they are nuances. But we believe that if we are part of Kirchnerism or Macrism, we are no longer an alternative and our existence would have no reason to be.

– Can Roberto Lavagna be the third candidate in space?

When I talked to him, I did not realize his vocation as a candidate, but he knows he can. Unlike the rest of the parties that are hyper-personalistic, for us having more than one candidate is not weakness, but strength. The more there are, the more competitive we are.

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