The famous member of a Mexican reality show that showed no clothes on Instagram


Talía Eisset Loaiza achieved fame thanks to her participation in several seasons of the Mexican "reality" Acapulco Shore, MTV. A few days ago the young woman surprised her followers on Instagram thanks to a session of photos in which she posed naked.

Acapulco Shore is the Mexican version of the controversial Jersey Shore program, who presented the life of a group of young people during the summer off the coast of New Jersey.

As on Jersey Shore, off the coast of Acapulco life between parties, night out, fights and passion among the protagonists formed the content of the program.

Talia appeared in the first three seasons of "reality" and had a special participation in the fifth season.

After gaining fame as a member of the MTV show, Talía also developed her work as a model and, above all, as a DJ.

In his personal account on Instagram, he has 402,000 followers, while in his account for the MTV show, @Talia_acashoremtv has 1.4 million followers.

It was there where last week he published photographs that impacted by the sensuality he showed.

It was a session held in a forest. Since December, he began sharing the result of this work, although at the time he appeared with a transparent jacket.

The session gradually increased in tone and Talia ended up posing naked on the trunk of a tree.

In order not to violate Instagram's rules prohibiting the display of female nipples, Thalia covered her chest with her arm.

"The final photo This was a very sensual session with my friend @manu_photo_ the photos that I loved, What I liked the most in this session is to demonstrate the beauty of the body and nature of the woman ", wrote to accompany this last image.

Loaiza acknowledged that the photographs were very sexy and revealed that she was criticized by other women, "but I loved them personally and fell in love with this last photo. I never dared to take a picture like that, but the photos of Manu look beautiful and artistic without falling into the vulgar, "he added.

Thalia hopes that the outcome of the session will be he asked that women leave behind so much hatred. "If we helped each other, we would go further and see each other better."


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