The family of Santiago Maldonado will not receive more money from the Ministry of Justice – 06/12/2018


Río Negro (correspondent) .- The Ministry of Justice of the Nation will stop giving money to the Maldonado family, whose expenses were covered by the Law of Rights and Guarantees to Victims of Crimes for alleged Forced Disappearance by Santiago Maldonado.

Federal judge Gustavo Lleral determined that the young man died drowned and in solitude without the intervention of third parties. This has discarded not only forced disappearance, but also any offense that would justify State aid to the family.

More than a year and three months Maldonado received a total of 1.5 million pesos as expenses related to the cause. Among them are the payment of airline tickets, hotels and travel expenses used in food, stationery and others.

The monetary benefit was cut from the moment Judge Lleral determined that there was no crime.

"The help ended because the judge established that there was no crime. We cooperated at all times with the family and we believe that our commitment met their needs. We fulfill them as a ministry"He said ClarinJuan José Benítez, Undersecretary of Justice and Criminal Policy of the Ministry of Justice.

"Maldonados are not the only family that has been helped by the ministry.There are other cases, the families of ARA San Juan, for example. What happens is that at one point they were in the focus of the media and highlighted this benefit, but we are collaborating with the families that are victims, "he explained.

Benitez ruled out that it was a fixed money per month, as happened in a moment. However, the sum was delivered to an average of 100 thousand pesos per month.

"Through scientific analysis, testimony, the judge gathered all the evidence with which it was concluded that there was no crime," Benitez said.

In a decision of almost 300 pages, Judge Lleral said the young man drowned, affected by the temperature of the water and the adrenaline of being arrested. "In summary, we analyze the solid evidence gathered and establish with certainty the reality of the facts, it is appropriate to completely rule out the criminal hypothesis about the alleged forced disappearance of Santiago Andrés Maldonado," Lleral said.

"Nor is it the commission of any other criminally relevant human action that is strictly related to the facts of the instant case, no criminal participation of any person was found in the unfortunate events that were investigated, "he concluded.

The Maldonado family reported Wednesday through their lawyer, Verónica Heredia, who appealed against the decision before the Federal Court of Appeals of Comodoro Rivadavia If the Chamber rejects the appeal to Maldonado, the instances of the Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation and, finally, the Supreme Court of Justice will remain. Although Heredia said that His plan is to go to international courts.


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