The extreme thinness of Céline Dion worries his fans


Paris Fashion Week star by Céline Dion, who became the center of all eyes, as well as his flawless appearance, his extreme thinness.

During a parade, the 50-year-old "My Heat Will Continue" interpreter wore a black dress with a cut on her leg and a large neckline, which made many notice her weight loss.

Dion's increasingly emaciated and emaciated photographs have sparked concern among his fans, which is not the first time they have voiced their concern about the subject.

The singer has to deal with this type of comment for a while, since in previous years his lean figure also gave to speak. In fact, during an interview in 2007, the Canadian assured her that she was not anorexic. "I'm thin and I do not strain. I've been lean all my way. No one in my family is overweight. ".

In a recent interview with the newspaper The sun, the singer assured that she is living a great personal moment. "I really want to enjoy"declared the star, who in January 2016 lost her husband, René Angélil, after a long battle with cancer.

"Everything is new now, it's like I'm living a change of air, the 50's are great"added the interpreter, who says he feels "strong, beautiful, feminine and sexy".

He also talked about his close relationship with the young Spanish dancer Pepe Muñoz, of whom it is inseparable. According to the singer, There is only one beautiful friendship between them.


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