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The entire Surrbac leadership, in a municipal entity

January brought a huge surprise to the taxpayers of the city of Cordoba: there are at least 40 union members linked to the union of collectors (Surrbac) that compose the list of employees of a municipal entity. The information was known by the recent publication of Decree 38 of this year in the Municipal Diary, which included the list of almost 1,200 employees who appear working at the city's responsible street sweeper and final waste treatment (Esop). .

The decree was approved by the mayor Ramón Mestre and by the municipal secretary of public services, Pablo Farías.

Among the union members who are on the payroll of the municipal entity are the two main authorities of the union, Mauricio Saillén and Pascual Catrambone, along with the other members of the Surrbac management committees, the Amsurrbac guild and the social work ( Ossurbac).

The united family

Relatives of many of these leaders also appear as employees of Esop.

In the case of Saillén there are at least seven relatives, among whom the best known are his sons: legislator Franco Saillén, Juan Saillén and Micaela Saillén, with its three partners, as well as the former wife of the leader, Verónica Quevedo.

As for Catrambone, there is also his son Agustín, his wife Adriana Oviedo and his brother Miguel Ángel, among others.

In the list of political relatives of Mauricio Saillén Carolina Scherrer, fiance of the deputy Franco Saillén, with whom shares his vacation in the Caribbean. Scherrer, as confirmed by Surrbac, is an employee of Esop's Human Resources department.

One hundred percent of Surrbac's supervisory committees, their social work and their mutuals are employees of the Esop communal entity. That is, much of the managerial bureaucracy linked to the union is maintained with municipal salaries. As far as it was possible to establish, no member of the association's executive committees works for private garbage collection companies. They ended up with refugees at a state agency.

The two main officials of the Center for Social and Peoples' Assistance Center, through which the union gives milk cups and gifts to children in neighborhoods where it works politically, are Esop employees, since it is the wife of Catrambone and the ex-wife of Saillén.

Bodyguards and friends

These are not the only surprises for the citizens of the capital. In the list of employees of the municipal entity appear the bodyguards of Mauricio Saillén and even the barrabravas identified with the clubs Talleres and Belgrano.

In addition, the list includes Mario Cupertino, general secretary of the Cordoba delegation of the guild of Pattovic Sutcapra, with which Saillén intends to expand his power in the world of private events of public surveillance and entertainment. There are also football players, technical directors, physical education teachers and administrative staff of the Athletic Club Amsurrbac, football club linked to the union that plays in the Cordovan League.

In the list, published officially by the municipality, appear the presidents of the neighborhood nuclei of the neighborhoods Villa El Libertador, Aldo Ortega and Santa Isabel I, of Rodrigo de Toro, that respond politically to the union.

They are also part of the payroll people who would perform household duties in the private home of the union's secretary general, Mauricio Saillén, in the Ayacucho neighborhood, as two exallegates to the labor union said they had requested their names reserved.

People who would be serving in Surrbac guild activities also appear on the Esop salary payroll.

All these people should work as street sweepers on city streets every week or as operators of the Piedras Blancas garbage dump, which runs along National Route 36, south of the capital.

Those who perform administrative tasks, out of 1,184 that make up the list, are a minimum number, Secretary Pablo Farias told La Voz. Therefore, it is logical to infer that a large percentage of Surrbac's trade union leadership, their social work, their mutual, the children and relatives of trade unionists must generally work sweeping the streets of that capital or discarding waste at the sanitary burial.

You are going to work?

"The members of the board of directors enjoy a union license, which is covered by law," said La Voz Luis Zanetti, Surrbac press officer, who has also been employed by the municipal company Crese since 2009 and now also forms part of the new list. employees of Esop.

Consulted on this point, the legislator Franco Saillén gave a different answer. He said trade unionists on Surrbac's board did not have a union license, but "they collect their salary just like any worker."

The use of union leave, as is well known, is a choice made by each trade unionist. You can use it or not. In the case of Surrbac, if everyone on the list used it, it would be a unanimous decision, because it includes the 30 members of the committee.

After repeated consultations with the municipality, the directors of the entity simply confirmed that 20 members of Surrbac's board of directors are in union status in addition to the 10 members. This would mean that wages are paid by Surrbac and are not settled with municipal resources.

In a report of April 1, 2018, this newspaper published the testimony of two former senior officials of the municipal company Crese named by the Master, who said that the municipality of Cordoba paid 1,300 wages when in reality only a few 650 people

Seven former members of Surrbac who spoke at the time with La Voz said that among those hundreds of people who were not going to work there were numerous relatives of union members, members of the band, employees who ran kiosks and grocery stores belonging to union executives. union, bodyguards, guild team, football club and neighborhood centers. That is, the names that can now be verified that make up the payroll published by the Municipality.

This newspaper wanted to know if the municipal administration controls that the 1,184 people who receive salary actually work at Esop. "The guideline is that everyone works at Esop," Secretary Farias replied to the query. "Soon we will advance in a system of control of the presenteism by the biometric registry, as in the municipal dependencies".

The staff of Esop (and before the municipal company Crese) had not appeared so far in the list of municipal agents that publishes the site of the open Government of the Municipality.

Employment policy

The list of Esop employees also contrasts with the suspicion that accompanied the garbage service during those years: that Surrbac is the real boss and who decides the human resources policy of these municipal cleaning entities. Crese's Human Resources department, for example, was run by Antonio Stranges, a man from Saillén and Catrambone, who now also appears on the list of agents with his wife, Gabriela García, and her daughter, Josefina Stranges.

There are numerous testimonies from former collection officials who say that the only one who made the decision to fire them was Pascual Catrambone, although the telegram of resignation was received by the authorities of Crese or Cotreco.

The two people linked to Surrbac who agreed to respond to the consultation of this newspaper said that the direct responsibility for the integration of the new list of officials that includes all these syndicalists and relatives was the mayor Ramón Mestre.

"The list of personnel that went to Esop was made in conjunction with the municipality, and the mayor endorsed it with a decree that carries his signature," said Luis Zanetti. For his part, Franco Saillén also noted that "the appointment is at the request of the mayor, the people he wants to be left."

"The real thing," said Farías, from the 6th of July palace, "is that all the employees of the system were employed by Crese when the Master took over.Then they went to Lusa and Cotreco temporarily and some were always in Crese.When it was decided there was a prioritized view of the collection service, and the truth is you can not put a knee-jerk worker behind a truck. The workers who are able to deliver this service have been left behind in the companies. "

As a result, in addition to the executives of Surrbac, the city was left with the employees who, due to age or physical condition, were not able to provide the collection service, saving the private concessionaires the costs of these personnel.

Esop costs 156,077,564 pesos per month for the inhabitants of Córdoba in the capital. 75 percent of that goes to pay the salaries of employees.

Poster itself. After a controversy with the adviser Laura Sesma, the poster with the name of Mauricio Saillén was removed from the premises of Esop in the Sarmiento Park. (José Hernández)

The 40 trade unionists responsible in the municipality

Mauricio Saillén. Secretary General of Surrbac. President of the loan. President of social work. Titular of the National and Popular CGT Rodríguez Peña.

Pascual Catrambone Secretary of the Interior at Surrbac. Vice-president of social work. Vice-president of the loan. Treasurer of the Athletic Club Amsurrbac. Director of Labor at the municipal company Crese. Principal Director of the intermunicipal company Cormecor.

Franco Saillén. Son of Mauritius. Vocal of Surrbac. Vocal of the mutual. Provincial legislator. Youth Leader of the Peronist Union.

Juan Saillén. Son of Mauritius. Vocal of Surrbac. He directs the Union Association La 29.

Agustín Catrambone. Son of Pascual. Vocal of Surrbac. Member of social work. Owner of contracted companies of the municipal company Crese.

Miguel Ángel Catrambone. Brother of Catrambone. Vocal of Surrbac. Vocal of the mutual.

Veronica Quevedo Ex-wife of Mauricio Saillén. President of the Foundation for Social Assistance and Popular. Prosecutor for Women in Surrbac.

Adriana Oviedo Wife of Catrambone. Vice-President of the Center for Social Assistance and Popular Foundation.

Leonardo Juan Echenique. Secretary of the loan.

Juan Manuel Krainbuhi. Treasurer of the loan.

Fernando Daniel Ibáñez. Vocal of the mutual.

Monica Ruth Ayerbe. Secretary of Gender Equality of Surrbac. Vocal of the mutual.

Carlos Ariel García. Vocal of Surrbac and the mutual.

Diego Sebastián Vivas. Deputy Secretary of the loan.

Edgardo Alberto Galfre. Attorney of the loan.

Omar Eduardo Portillo. Vocal of the mutual.

Sergio Raúl Álvarez. Vocal of the mutual.

Daniel Gerbaldo Vocal of the mutual.

Sergio Páez Vocal of the mutual.

Juan Carlos Delgado Treasurer of Surrbac and social work.

Fernando Yellow Secretary of Social Action of Surrbac and social work.

Edgar Rondal. Secretary of social service procedures and promoter of social assistance of Surrbac.

Luis Alberto Ibárlucea. Vocal of Surrbac and social work.

Alberto Alejandro Soria. Vocal of Surrbac and social work.

Carlos Eduardo Modelski. Reviewer of Surrbac's social and vocal work.

José Luis Vallejos. Administrative Secretary of Surrbac. Social work auditor.

Luis Dalmasio Torres. Deputy Secretary-General of Surrbac.

Andrés Eduardo Zeballos. Secretary of Commerce

Jorge Alberto Gómez. Secretary of Culture of Surrbac.

Ramón Félix Sánchez. Surrbac Recording Secretary.

Daniel René Ayerbe. Secretary of Institutional Relations of Surrbac.

Ernesto Fortunato López. Deputy Secretary of Surrbac.

Omar Alejandro Delgado Assistant Treasurer of Surrbac's Secretary.

Raul Reginaldo Loyola. Assistant Secretary of Culture of Surrbac.

Gustavo Javier Godoy. Deputy Secretary of the Interior of Surrbac.

Pablo Alberto Maldonado. Prosecutor for Pathogenic Residues of Surrbac.

Ricardo Esperanza. Prosecutor for the Final Treatment of Surrbac.

Luis Ángel Ibáñez. Vocal of Surrbac.

Ariel Barrionuevo. Vocal of Surrbac.

Sergio Aníbal Baigorria. Vocal of Surrbac.

Sources: Municipality of Córdoba and official sites of Surrbac, Amsurrbac and Ossurbac.

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