The enigma of the "silver suitcase", behind the brutal crime of the businessman of Bernal – 01/07/2019


The businessman Abel Leonardo Esposito (51) was waiting for him in his chalet in Bernal. He was coming back from his vacation, entering the garage and opening the back door. He thought he would be alone the night before returning to work at his family's tannery, but inside he was surprised at five people. They tortured him for more than an hour, tied with seals and beatings: they demanded "a silver case" that nobody saw inside the big house in the 100 Avellaneda Street. They did not take the money nor the valuables, they looked for that portfolio.

Abel was murdered in the bathroom of his house. They choked him with a towel trying to force him to say where he was looking. As they hung it, they used an ornamental vase to carry water and throw it in his face. The autopsy confirmed that He died of "mechanical suffocation" is that I had "flowed in my lungs".

The Esposito is well known in Avellaneda. His father, also called Abel, was president of the Industrial Union of Avellaneda. The victim's brother, Adrián Espósito, is the administrative secretary of the Independiente club and president of a group.

The businessman Abel Leonardo Esposito (51), murdered at his home in Bernal, with his wife in Rome.

The businessman Abel Leonardo Esposito (51), murdered at his home in Bernal, with his wife in Rome.

The family has a tannery in the Avellaneda Industrial Park. They market and export leather.

In the house of Avellaneda 178, from Bernal, Quilmes, south of the GBA, the victim lived with her two children, Abel (22) and Ernestina (21). In addition to his wife, Alejandra Ianni (51).

Shortly before the crime, the man was on vacation with his wife and daughter in Punta del Este, but decided to return earlier to fulfill work commitments. His son was also abroad.

"He was advised to leave the back door open, because he would enter the garage and in the back of the house," he said. sources of the case. Clarin.

The employee was asleep and did not hear anything until two of the robbers surprised her: "We thought they jumped in the front grille, through the roofs and through a window that was open. but someone else, he would have indicated that the owner was in the background and they went to look for her, and they tied them up in Esposito's room and searched the house for more than an hour, between 23 and 1 Monday. "

They kill the businessman in Bernal. Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

They kill the businessman in Bernal. Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

They asked for "a silver briefcase," said the 61-year-old woman who denied seeing him at home. "I had a tannery, which I used was old leather," the employee said.

The researchers looked at Esposito's route from the airport to his home. The cameras of the Airport Security Police (PSA), the agency of remises he used to get to his house and the way they did, trying to discard that he arrived with that folder in the country and left somewhere along the way .

They think they may have followed him from the airport with the wrong information or mistaken for someone else. Another hypothesis is that they hoped to find an empty house.

The suspect, they caution sources the case, is that a few meters from the body the attackers left around $ 25,000, watches, jewelry and valuables. But they did not catch them, left them on the victim's bed, and escaped.

"It may be that they were frightened when they realized that the victim was dead or that they were really looking for something rather than money. We are investigating all the possibilities," they said.

The clerk was able to break free when they left and found Abel dead on the bathroom floor. His family, last night, returned to the country to give him his last goodbye.

"Consternation and pain in the industrial family of Avellaneda for the murder of Abel Leonardo Espósito, the son of a historic president of our house and the first president of UIA Avellaneda who became president of UIPBA. Our sincerest condolences to your family and friends", Published in Unión Industrial de Avellaneda.

In the same line he was fired at Independiente: "Independent Athletic Club laments the death of Abel Espósito, Adrián's brother, who is the club's administrative secretary and president of the Independent Association. We accompany your family and loved ones at this difficult time"

The investigation is in the hands of Quilmes office nº 2, of Leonardo Sarra. Until Monday night, they did not identify the perpetrators or arrest any of the perpetrators.


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