The dollar wakes up? Rise after Central purchasing for $ 75 million


He tuned in to the Single Market and Free Exchange (MULC), where the currency rose 32 cents to $ 37.52 and cut the distance to the floor of the nonintervention zone, which today surpassed US $ 38 for the first time (the Central Bank established the ranges between US $ 38,021 and US $ 49,203).

This happens in a wheel on which the monetary authority went out to buy US $ 75 million in two auctions to avoid a delay in the exchange rate. In the first, the average purchase price was US $ 37,432, the maximum being US $ 37.44, while in the second, which took place minutes later, the average price was US $ 37.3764 and the maximum US $ 37.379.

As usual, the BCRA put it on the wheel today Send "Liquidity (& # 39; Leliq & # 39;)" Ringtone to your Cell US $ 175,000 million at a significant low average rate of 48.824% per annum to seven days (on Tuesday closed at 50.02%). While the maximum rate assigned was 49.0012% and the minimum rate was 48.480%.

So far, Central Bank purchases in February totaled US $ 275 million, which represents more than 35% of what was purchased the previous month.

The rise of the dollar in the local market happened at the same time as in the region. In this context, the currency grew 0.9% in Brazil; 0.3% in Mexico and 0.4% in Chile.

Other Markets

In the informal square, in turn, the blue raise 25 cents to $ 37.50, according to the research of this medium in caves of the center of Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, "contad con liqui" rose two cents to $ 37.15.

In the money market between banks, the call money was operated yesterday at an average of 45%. In foreign exchange swaps, US $ 177 million were agreed to raise and / or put funds into pesos through the use of dollar purchases on Wednesday and Thursday.

In the future Rofex market, US $ 874 million were traded, of which 50% were agreed in February and March, with final prices of US $ 38.21 and US $ 39.44 at rates of 43.09% and 39.97% % TNA.

Finally, Central Bank reserves rose on Tuesday US $ 116 million up to US $ 66,961 million.


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