The dollar touched the floor of the non-intervention zone and the BCRA validated a low rate


It was in tune with the retail segment, where the dollar gave a penny to $ 38.41 and marked the sixth consecutive fall in banks and agencies of the city of Buenos Aires, according to the average of

"This happened because they continued to receive funds from local and foreign investors, as well as some offers from cereal exporters liquidating", highlight of the ABC Exchange Market. And they added that other reasons for the fall in the currency were due to the change of mood in the world and the decline of the dollar against foreign currencies.

As usual, BCRA made an auction Liquidity (Leliq) Lyrics to 7 days and validated a decrease in the reference rate. The amount granted was US $ 193,244 million, at a maximum rate of 59.3%. The average court rate was 58.964% (Friday was 59.287%), with the minimum adjudicated rate of 58.496%.

The US currency operated again with a mixed trend in a wheel that had a slight recovery in the volume traded. Prices showed an initial increase that could not be sustained in the second session section.

The first part of the day showed a change in the currency trend, which operated with a bias that resulted in an increase in its price. During this period, peak values ​​were reached when prices hit $ 37.45, eight cents above last week's close last week. The fall in the exchange rate accelerated in the last hour of trading, allowing the values ​​to reach a low of $ 37.29 on the last stretch of the wheel. Trading volume increased 27 percent from Friday to a total of $ 622 million.

For Gustavo Quintana, from PR Corredores de Cambio, "Prices have fallen due to the impact generated by the supply domain, even if the monetary authority has ordered a slight touch up of the rate that the market takes as a reference."

He also noted that with the fall in price, "official intervention expectations to keep the dollar price in a scenario that maintains quiet features that give little room for a significant reaction in the value of the dollar in the domestic square"

Meanwhile, Salvador Di Stefano, of Agroeducación, considered that the dollar should be above 40 pesos and that the government works for a scenario of high rates and low dollar. "This does not favor the agricultural production chain, nor does it favor exports," he said.

Other Markets

In the money market between banks, the call money was operated on an average of 53%.

In the futures market ROFEXUS $ 495 million were operated, of which more than 60% were agreed in terms of January and February, operating at the end at US $ 38.58 and US $ 39.95; with rates of 51.98% and 49.77%, respectively. Both had more average losses in the neighborhood of $ 0.20.

In the informal market, blue fell 50 cents to $ 39.50, according to the research of this medium in caves of the center of Buenos Aires. On the other hand, the "contad con liqui" fell on Friday 14 cents to $ 37.47.

Central bank reserves fell on Friday 89 million US $ 65,729 million.


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