The dollar rose for the first time in the year, while the rate fell for the third consecutive round


In this way, the monetary authority will not intervene with the purchase of up to $ 50 million per day, issuing weights as expected if the quotation were kept below the lower range.

Meanwhile, the dollar was 20 cents to $ 38.61 banks and agencies of the city of Buenos Aires, according to the average of

Traders explained that a share of the last half-hour demand from the wholesaler was from banks to subscribe to the Letes that were tendered to this Tuesday at an estimated 4.75% rate from TNA. The entities had to buy the dollars, since they can no longer deposit pesos at the BCRA reference exchange rate (C.3500).

Simultaneously, the Central Bank auctioned US $ 211,185 million (maturing US $ 216,930 million) of 7-day liquidity accounts, with an average cutting rate of 58.80%. The maximum yield granted was 59.14% and the minimum yield was 58.246%.

"The monetary authority has left some pesos on the street (since the beginning of the year was absorbing), validated lower rate level (on Monday, had ended 59.3%) and the dollar only accommodated a few cents up," said the analyst. Christian Buteler

The US currency traded with a mixed trend and marked stability during the first part of the wheel and an accelerated increase in the last section of the session. Prices moved throughout the day in a floating range located above the plateau reached until Tuesday, with a high reaction that strengthened at the end of the day.

The lows were reported at $ 37.33 shortly after the start of the wheel, two and a half cents above the previous close. A relative parity between supply and demand in the market kept the dollar rate lateralized and with little fluctuation over a prolonged period that was interrupted at the beginning of the last installment, when the purchase orders that emerged absorbed all available supply and accelerated the rise of the dollar . At the end of the session, the intensity of demand led prices to peaks at US $ 37.60, an amount that remained until the closing.

Trading volume decreased 9% to $ 566 million.

In the money market between banks, the call money It was operated on an average of 54%. In foreign exchange swaps, US $ 152 million were agreed to receive and / or place funds in pesos through the use of dollar purchases on Wednesday and Thursday.

At the RofexUS $ 555 million were negotiated, of which more than 60% were agreed in terms of January and February, to US $ 39 and US $ 40.1990, with rates of 59.09% and 49.47%, respectively.

In the informal market, in turn, blue fell 25 cents to $ 39.25, according to the research of this medium in caves of the center of Buenos Aires.

Finally, the reservations of the Central Bank On Monday, they increased from $ 21 million to $ 65,737 million.


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