Monday , October 18 2021

The dollar rises 50 cents in banks of the city of Buenos Aires


The dollar returns to profit at the end of the year and this Wednesday equals 50 cents (+ 1.3%) in Banco Nación's public offering, a $ 39.40 for sale. During the course of 2018, accumulated an increase of 108.2%.

In the segment wholesaler or interbank is agreed 38.60 pesos.

The Central Bank established for the non-intervention band floor of US $ 36,941 for the date, with a ceiling of 47,806 pesos.

The US currency was becoming more expensive cover photos short after the recent national holidays, the global strength of the dollar and a adverse environment for risk markets.

"In tune with the rest of the world, the US currency (the dollar) strengthens and depreciates the Argentine peso, "he explained. Reuters an exchange agent.

In Investments in Personal Portfolio They pointed out that "The Central Bank, keeping the December Monetary Base stable, seeks to move the next quarter so that the evolution interest rate has no noise of the dynamics of the financial system and reflect only the downward trajectory of future inflation. "

"At some point, in the coming months, the government will face another run I would change. It's only a matter of time. The problem is that since the LELIQ rate is in the 60%, is very expensive to buy future dollar by implicit rate who has the contract, "he said Miguel Boggianodirector of the Financial Charter.

O reservations The international meetings of the Central Bank ended US $ 66,343 million, with an increase of US $ 7,763 million due to the entry of US $ 7.619 million as part of the Stand-By Agreement signed by Argentina with the IMF.

"With these funds, the volume of reserves surpassed the maximum recorded on January 9, 2018, when they reached US $ 63.906 million, after the government put debts abroad for US $ 9 billion," they said. Search for dealers.

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